BBVA Online Loans Up to $ 75,000 in 8 Years

BBVA BBVA is a banking entity that offers all kinds of financial products through its branch network, in addition to having the possibility of contracting loans online through its website . BBVA offers fast loans without documents up to $ 20,000 , offering a response in 8 hours. It also offers online personal loans up to $ 75,000 with request through an online form, whether or not you are a client of this entity.

To apply for the fast loans and personal loans online from BBVA, you will only have to carry out a simulation of the loan to be requested and enter your data so that they will give you a quick response to the request , carrying out the entire process over the Internet.

Apply for loans online at BBVA

Online loan application process at BBVA

Applying for loans online at BBVA is very simple, since you just have to follow the instructions and fill out a form with your personal data, so that they can quickly carry out the risk study.

The steps you have to follow to apply for personal loans and fast loans online at BBVA are the following:

Carry out an online loan simulation

Click here and you will access the online application form for BBVA loans, where you will have to indicate what you need the loan money for, how much money you need and the number of holders of the loan contract.

The loan amount will appear in red if the amount indicated is not correct. The minimum loan amount is $ 3,000 and the maximum $ 75,000, although depending on the indicated loan need it may be less.

Choose the loan to request

BBVA will show you the different online loans that you have available to request. It will show you the conditions of each one and the monthly fee to pay, differentiating if you direct your payroll or not.

Fill in the online application form

Next you will have to indicate your personal and bank details, so that they will be used to carry out the financial risk study of the online loan.

Select the option to verify the data

To verify the data entered in the online application form you have several options, so that you choose the one that best suits you and is most comfortable for you. The available options are as follows:

  1. Verification without documents : For this, BBVA will connect with the bank where your payroll or pension is domiciled and you will only have to enter the access codes of your other bank. In this way they can carry out the study of the loan quickly. You can add more than one bank if you wish so that the information is more complete.
  2. Verification with documents : BBVA will require you some documents so that they can carry out the study of the loan online. Once the documentation is validated and if the loan is approved, they will send you the contract by email to sign it and a courier will pick it up.
  3. Open a bank account in BBVA : This option allows you to verify the data in the process of opening an account without BBVA commissions. In the event that the loan is approved, they will send the money immediately to the new account opened, without having to wait for the transfer to arrive.

Online personal loans - BBVA

Fast online loan BBVA up to $ 20,000

The fast online loan BBVA offers from $ 3,000 to $ 20,000 for whatever you want, making the request 100% online and without having to send documents. The refund is made in monthly installments up to a maximum period of 8 years , always paying the same installment.

The BBVA fast loan offers a 100% online application with a response in 8 hours and without having to change banks , since you do not have to open an account with this bank. You only have to be an employee or a pensioner and it is not necessary to provide a guarantee.

Online personal loan up to $ 75,000

The BBVA online personal loan offers you from $ 3,000 to $ 75,000 so that you can make your projects come true, being able to return the money in a period of up to 8 years . The interest rate is from 7.20% NIR, being a very competitive interest. The request takes 3 minutes.

To contract the BBVA personal loan online you have to open a bank account in this bank, since there they will deposit the money loaned and they will charge you the monthly fees.

You decide if you want your salary or not, you're not required, but you will have better conditions if you do, because you offer a bonus of 1% in interest rates applied if you do. Quick loans BBVA

Requirements to obtain your loans online

BBVA online loans are personal, which means that they are loans without collateral , so you will not have to provide any type of additional guarantee to get the money. The requirements that you are going to have to meet in order to apply for an online loan at BBVA are the following:

  • Be of legal age and have a Spanish identity document.
  • Have residency in the United States.
  • Have a mobile phone and an email address.
  • Have a bank account or open a BBVA account.
  • Have a salary, pension, benefit, or proof of income so that BBVA can verify that you will be able to repay the loan installments.

BBVA does not indicate whether or not it accepts loans with Credit Checker , but it will check these lists of defaulters and in the event that you find yourself in them for not having repaid a previous loan or credit, it will deny you the loan.

Advantages offered by BBVA online loans

BBVA online loans have many advantages that we will explain below, making them one of the best loans online that you can request at this time:


You will have a response to the request in 8 hours, without the need to do paperwork, since you can connect the bank where you have your payroll so that BBVA can verify your data without sending any documentation.

Without changing banks

You will not have to change banks or sign up for an account at BBVA, since the loan can be associated with any bank account.

Without sending documentation

It is possible to verify the data entered in the online application form without sending documentation, since they will be able to connect with your other bank and check the data without doing paperwork or sending any documentation.


BBVA will only use your data to analyze the request and tell you the credit limit it can offer you, always keeping the data protected and without giving it to third parties.

Without leaving home

You do not need to go through a BBVA branch, since these online loans are entirely managed online.

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BBVA Online Loans Up to $ 75,000 in 8 Years
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