10 questions to Kevin Dover, Sales and Marketing Manager, Albion Meat Products Ltd

What are the benefits of raw food for pets?

The main benefit of a raw diet is simple – no additives, no fillers, preservatives, and no added colors. Over many years of supplying Albion products, we have found that it gives our customers’ pets the best nutrition and as close to “natural” nutrition as they would find in the wild. Using only the finest human-grade meats, fruits and vegetables along with rigorous testing, we have customers who have been with us for 30 years because they know they can trust our products to give their pets the right balance needed to live a healthy life.

What levels of growth are we seeing in the category?

We constantly receive new inquiries from stores that have just opened or already have a frozen food base looking for a new supplier they can trust to deliver. As we also adopt an exclusion zone around existing customers, we sometimes have to refuse new inquiries so as not to cause price war issues, but we are always happy to investigate any inquiries received.

Is it easy for retailers to incorporate fresh/raw foods into their existing offering?

It is extremely easy to integrate our product ranges into any store – we are on hand to guide customers through the different ranges and advise them accordingly. We also offer various ‘frozen offers’ as well as point of sale items to help stores promote the Albion brand in the best way to their customers and give them the confidence to sell Albion ranges on the basis of quality and product. value for money.

What are the first steps for newcomers to the category?

For anyone starting out with the aim of storing raw food, we always personally guide them through the various ranges to ensure they have a good understanding of what the potential market might demand. With owners having been in the industry for 40 years and staff involved in the show business for just as long, we obviously have the knowledge to keep clients’ dogs in top condition.

What are the key things retailers need to know?

When it comes to “best advice” for retailers, the most obvious is that they should advise new owners on how to transition from existing products to a “raw diet”, which should be simple if followed correctly. . We also offer telephone advice as well as support available online, including various articles from our own experience and a former veterinary nurse with over 30 years of experience. Customers can use our feed calculator to calculate the amount of feed needed each day, which obviously helps in calculating feed costs, which is very important now with the current economic situation.

What are the origins of the brand?

The Albion product was initiated by the father of the current owner, who was a butcher by trade. Since then, nearly 40 years ago, the product line has expanded to provide customers new and old with what they need, whether it’s simple premium meat for those who like DIY or, for those who want a high-end product ready to serve. , we offer different “completes” which also include two products for puppies that can be used from weaning.

What are the main characteristics of your brand?

The main characteristics of the ranges are mainly the quality of the meats we use, which our customers appreciate more than anything, and our ability to deliver a product on time and in the absolute best conditions. Over the past few months we have had many inquiries from resellers of other brands asking if we were able to supply them as they were unable to source from one or two sources due to shortages of raw materials.

How many stores are currently resellers…and is there room for more?

Our list of resellers continues to grow. As mentioned before, we try to ensure that our customers have a decent workspace and will not create accounts that are too close to an existing account. All requests are reviewed and considered. Most of our stockists are called weekly by a member of staff to ensure they are restocked the day before their deliveries, to ensure they have not forgotten to order.

What advice do you give on retail prices and in-store display?

We give all stores a trade list, which gives a suggested retail price, but this is not set in stone and allows resellers to decide on margins. We offer items with POS material, which are given to all new resellers when they place their first order. Existing stores are always welcome to request items such as brochures, posters, etc. when ordering stock, as these will be delivered by our vans on scheduled weekly trips.

What future developments can we expect from the brand?

We are constantly reviewing our ranges and taking into account what customers are asking for, but we don’t tend to follow fancy trends. Albion ranges are tested and rated to provide customers with the absolute best nutrition for their pets who are truly part of one family – the Albion family!

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