BBVA Aqua Credit Card - The Safest Credit Card

BBVA Aqua Credit Card The BBVA Aqua Credit Card is an innovative credit card focused on the security of online purchases, since it does not have numbers printed on the plastic and its CVV number changes every 5 minutes to protect your purchases and that they do not copy you the numbers of the card. It allows making payments the following month without interest or in installments .

You can contract the Aqua Crédito Card even if you are not a BBVA customer, since they will open an online account without commissions associated with it and it will take only 10 minutes to complete the entire process. We show you how to contract this credit card, its characteristics and advantages.

Apply for BBVA Aqua Credit Card

How to contract the BBVA Aqua Credit Card?

The BBVA Aqua Credit Card is contracted 100% online and without paperwork, taking only 10 minutes to complete the entire process. To do this, you first have to access this website , which is the BBVA website page for this credit card. Then click on the "Request card" button and the online application form will be displayed.

You can apply for the Aqua Credit Card from the BBVA bank even if you are not a customer of this bank . First, they will ask you for your BBVA username and password or the option to become a customer in order to get the Aqua credit card. In the event that you are not a client, they will create an online bank account without commissions associated with the card.

You can contract the card in physical and digital format , or choose only one of the two options. In the event that you contract the card in physical format, you will have to wait for the card to be sent to you to be able to use it. In case you also contract the card in digital format, you can use it immediately once contracted.

Characteristics of this credit card

The main innovations of the Aqua Credit Card are intended to offer greater security to be able to make purchases online and physically. In addition, you have credit to pay for purchases in monthly installments.

The main characteristics of the Aqua Credit Card are the following:


In the first look you can take at this credit card you will see that it does not have numbers printed on it. This is so that they cannot copy your card number. Furthermore, the CVV code is dynamic, which means that it changes every several minutes and thus cannot be copied by third parties.

This is very good in case of theft, loss of the card or copy of the numbering. But, then, how do you check the card number? Well, through the BBVA app, where you can also manage everything related to it.

Payment in installments or the following month

You have two ways to return the money used to credit the card:

  • Payment the following month : You can pay the monthly expense on the 21st of the same month or on the 5th of the following month without interest.
  • Payment in installments : You can pay a fixed installment each month or a percentage of the drawn balance, up to 36 months with interest.

Online application without paperwork

The Aqua Credit Card is requested through the Internet quickly, easily and without paperwork. To do this, you only have to follow the steps that we have explained previously and you will be able to get it in 10 minutes without paperwork.

Manage the card from your mobile

You can manage everything related to this card from your own mobile. Among what you can do with your mobile is the following:

  • You can turn the Aqua credit card on and off whenever you want.
  • Review the movements at any time, in addition to receiving a notification when there are new movements and thus be aware of your expenses.
  • You can modify your credit limit and split your purchases at any time.

You can use it to pay with your mobile

This credit card can be used in a secure way by adding it to BBVA Mobile Payment, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. This will allow you to pay with your own mobile without the need for contact.

Insurance included with the credit card

Your credit card has free ATM robbery insurance included.

Free credit card the first year

The BBVA Aqua Credit Card is free for the first year and from the second year you will have to pay an annual fee. This fee can be eliminated if you link with BBVA.

Advantages Aqua Credit Card

Advantages of the BBVA Aqua Credit Card

The Aqua Credit Card is an innovative credit card that is designed to be secure when used at ATMs, stores or online purchases, which will allow customers who use it to use it without worries.

By not having the numbers registered on the card , they will not be able to copy the numbering and later be used the card to make online purchases. In addition, the CVV of the card is dynamic and changes after a few minutes, which will mean that if it is copied when they try to use it, it will no longer work.

Another advantage of this card is that you can manage it through the BBVA app and thus be able to make inquiries, turn it on or off when you need it, or configure the credit limit or split your payments.

Finally, the card allows you to finance the balance arranged in comfortable monthly installments up to 36 months , being able to finance part or all of your expenses. If you wish, you can pay the following month without interest, so it is interesting to use in the months in which you have more expenses.

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