Ent Credit Union is an institution that prioritizes both financial health and mental health.

The company, which has achieved national Gold recognition by the American Heart Association’s Occupational Health Success Index, is involved in a variety of mental health initiatives for employees, members and the community.

Justin Hayworth, Senior Benefits and Wellness Administrator at Ent Credit Union, specializes in corporate health and manages the day-to-day operations of these programs. According to Hayworth, Ent’s health programs are accessible, comprehensive and “nothing short of phenomenal.”

“There are many pillars of people’s health,” says Hayworth, who adds that Ent works to address each of those pillars. All employees and their dependents have free access to the Employee Assistance Program, whether or not they are enrolled in a health insurance plan. Employees are paid to participate in the wellness program (70% of employees participated in the first quarter of this year). If workers are uncomfortable seeing their health care providers in person, they have access to telemedicine care. Employees also have access to regular wellness webinars. Additionally, Ent offers higher education support, mental health days, and paid time off.

“If we look at mental health from a financial perspective, we also have a disaster relief program in place,” says Hayworth. “If people are having a hard time and need a little financial help, we have a program where they can apply for financial help. “

Ent is also committed to the health of the community they serve. Last year, the company donated more than $ 1.2 million to Children’s Hospital Colorado to support its statewide mental health service network of care. Ent’s volunteer program also encourages staff to give back to the community. All employees are granted eight hours of paid voluntary leave per quarter (four hours for part-time employees). If workers don’t use their hours, they move on to the next quarter; if the employees use all of their hours, they are written on a drawing. The winner receives $ 500 to donate to a non-profit organization of their choice and an additional eight hours to volunteer.

What makes Ent’s health and wellness programs so successful, says Hayworth, is that they see their employees as people, not numbers: “When you start to treat people fairly and as you give them access to all of these things, you break down the time barriers. It really allows them to focus only on doing their job because they don’t have the outside stressors of… “Can I afford to go see a mental health care provider? “Can I afford to volunteer?” “Can I afford to go and train?” If you remove all of these barriers, it really allows the employee to focus on their job.

In June, Ent will unveil its new health initiative: a fitness and wellness center. The company recognizes that physical activity is an important part of mental health, and next year, employee dependents will also have access to the center.

Ent Credit Union is an employer of choice in Colorado. “People want to be here,” says Hayworth. “People don’t mind waking up early on a Monday morning and coming to work here. It really is a great place. If you need to spend more than 40 hours of your week away from your family doing things you love, Ent is a great place to do it. Because you really feel like you’re contributing, and you really feel like you have this family home [aspect] here.”

By focusing on easy access and incentives, Ent has created a comprehensive health and wellness system that fosters a sense of community. Suddenly, the whole city benefits.

Colorado Publishing House this week recognizes businesses and organizations for promoting mental health and wellness in the workplace. Please join us in celebrating Ent Credit Union in this video with their Internal Communications Manager, Annie Snead. Don’t forget to sign up for our mental health and wellness panels Monday through Wednesday at csbj.com/events.

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