SINGAPORE – Around 3,000 built-to-order (BTO) apartments will be built in the eastern half of Dover Forest in three housing projects, with the first due to launch in November.

The first scheme will comprise 1,330 three- and four-bedroom apartments in housing blocks with staggered heights to maximize views over the nearby Ulu Pandan Canal and the Holland Grove land estate beyond.

Blocks facing the Ulu Pandan Canal will be low rise, while those closer to Commonwealth Avenue West will be high rise, the Housing Board said on Thursday.

New housing estates such as Ulu Pandan are sensitively designed to minimize environmental impact and where possible incorporate nature to improve the lifestyle of residents, the State Minister said. National Development Officer, Tan Kiat How, who gave details of the project. Thursday.

As part of the new generation of HDB houses, developments in Ulu Pandan will incorporate green and blue elements such as nature and water features into the residential landscape, including retaining a natural stream, Tan said during of an HDB event organized at the HDB Hub. at Toa Payo.

The blocks will have panoramic terraces – common garden spaces provided at the selected level of the buildings – and roof gardens.

The project which will be launched in November will be within walking distance of Dover MRT station. It will also be the first car-lite HDB quarter.

HDB said the project will feature a terraced rain garden in the estate, which has a lower ground level than Commonwealth Avenue West.

More project details, such as lump sum pricing and estimated completion date, will not be available until the project launches.

The Ulu Pandan housing estate will have approximately 5ha of greenery, including a 1.2ha park which will retain most of its original flora and fauna and an existing natural stream.