Hyderabad: Even as the number of black fungus cases continues to rise, 45 patients operated on at the government’s ENT Nodal Hospital have been discharged. These were the first discharges from patients with mucormycosis after being kept in postoperative observation for 3 to 5 days.
Dr Manish Gupta, a resident doctor at Koti ENT Hospital, said they all recovered from a black fungus and survived.
“They might have residual problems like a recurring nose infection for a long time. However, some of these patients will have to undergo plastic surgeries after a few months to correct the disfigurement of the face due to the removal of the black parts affected by the fungus, ”he said.
The hospital has so far seen nearly 700 cases (including outpatients and inpatients) and has performed 160 surgeries for the black fungus.
Besides discharges, postoperative cases are transferred to Sarojini Devi Eye Hospital, which is also reporting 40-45 cases of mucormycosis every day now.
At the second nodal mucormycosis center, Gandhi Hospital, a total of 206 cases have been reported to date, of which 14 have been operated.
“We get cases from different districts of the state and they’re at different stages. We are also seeing post-Covid-19 patients who have cheek pain and are suspected of having mucormycosis, but they don’t have it and others who come with eye pain but have an infection in the eyes. inside. We have exploited some of them in the last two days. More surgeries are planned in the coming days, ”said Dr C. Narendra Kumar, administrator of the civil surgeon at Gandhi Hospital.
He said the number of black fungi was increasing. So far, the hospital has not seen any discharge of black fungus patients.


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