Most parents will probably lament that the school holidays are the most expensive time for a family getaway. But, without taking children out of school, there aren’t many choices.

It is well known that prices usually increase when schools are closed. Half term, Easter, summer or Christmas – it doesn’t matter.

However, there is a trick that could save families a considerable amount of money. Savvy parents may know that school holiday dates don’t necessarily match in different parts of the UK.

Birmingham, for example, separates a week earlier than Devon for the summer in July. So a campsite, hotel or Airbnb in the southwest could be much cheaper during this week.

In another example, children in parts of Wales are returning to school three days earlier than those in parts of the Midlands, giving them the opportunity to spend a weekend before returning to school.

With that in mind, BirminghamLive decided to pop in on a few dates to see what happened. He went to the Center Parcs website to see what a difference a week makes. And it’s huge.

A four-day break in a new-style woodland lodge in Elveden Forest in Suffolk costs £1,149 from February 13-17, when most schoolchildren across the UK are half-term. The same break from February 20-24, when schools in Birmingham are closed, costs £619. That’s a saving of £530.

It is for two adults, a child and a toddler. Interestingly, the following week (February 27) when all the children are back in school, the price drops to £389. Find out more on the Center Parcs website here.

And you can save £400 on a break at Woburn Forest in Bedfordshire. It costs £1,099 to go from February 13-17, but the price is reduced to £699 from February 20-24, 2023. The same four-day break costs £759 at Longleat Forest in Wiltshire (£1,099 for the previous week) and £799 at Whinfell Forest in Cumbria (£949 the previous week).

It would be easy to replicate this trick for anywhere and any type of hosting. With a little research to find out which parts of the country schools are on holiday when, you could save hundreds of pounds.