Warden Leanne Beaupre says there has been a request for sponsorship for the group’s upcoming gala, but council has chosen a different path of support.

“We thought it would have more impact by providing them with direct funds for the project and it would also help them mobilize more donations.”

“I think everyone around the council table and those presenting have been touched by someone who has had breast cancer or lost a loved one to it,” she says, the don will greatly contribute to people in the area who can benefit from the machine.

Funds come from the Community Aggregate Reserve, which is funded by industry royalties and invested in community betterment.

Potential regional accessible transportation system

The administration has been tasked with applying for the 2022 Alberta Community Partnership Intermunicipal Collaboration Grant for funds to hire a consultant and create an operational and financing plan for a potential accessible regional transportation system in the Grande Prairie County.

Beaupre says the end goal is to combine accessible transportation from surrounding communities into one.

“There are several buses that only run on certain days of the week and there are different types of transport that are inactive on other days of the week. So we think it’s possible to have something that works on a regional basis that meets all the needs of those who have access to accessible transportation.

She notes that there used to be a program the county ran a few years ago where a regular transit bus made stops to Hythe and Sexsmith called County Connector Regional Transit.

“Unfortunately, it hasn’t been as successful as we hoped…this project (Regional Accessible Transportation System) is, I believe, more focused on seniors and accessible transportation.

Police Services in Clairmont

At the July 25, 2022 meeting, Council directed the administration to write a letter to Justice Minister and Solicitor General Tyler Shandro to agree that the population of the Hamlet of Clairmont be 5,135, as of location of the federal tally of 2,808 at the 2021 census.

The minister was also asked in the letter to notify the federal government of the county’s request so that Clairmont could be policed ​​under a municipal police service agreement.

Beaupre says the hamlet is currently being looked after by the Grande Prairie RCMP and the Grande Prairie Rural RCMP Detachment.

“We get a certain level of policing from them (federal) because our population is less than 5,000. We have an agreement with the province and the federal government to build a stand-alone police detachment in Clairmont, but because that the census does not support the population of more than 5,0000 people, we have been prevented from moving forward in the process.

She says the community has more than 5,000 residents and their deal with the provincial and federal governments needs to be revamped to create an RCMP detachment.

“As the town gets bigger, it becomes more difficult for this detachment (Grande Prairie) to react in a timely manner if it has to go through the town, so just having that separation between the two detachments would actually strengthen their roles; rural versus urban.

The county council will meet again on August 22, 2022.