By Express press service

HYDERABAD: Nearly 47% reported lack of sleep in a survey conducted by AIG Hospitals. In the survey, over 800 people responded and a majority reported some form of sleep disturbance. “The results of this survey not only show that many people suffer from poor sleep, but also that there are 11-12% of people in our population who are at high risk for sleep apnea, which has recently believed to be a contributing factor in the death of famous singer Bappi Lahiri. Common symptoms are headaches after sleeping, fatigue throughout the day, feeling irritated and loss of concentration at work” , said Dr. Vishwanath Gella, director of pulmonology at AIG Hospitals.

He added that men and women were equally susceptible. In fact, women were more likely to be the ones suffering in silence. One of the reasons that prompted the hospital to undertake such a survey is that a recent report revealed that 40% of road accidents in India were due to drowsy drivers.

“Sleep is not a luxury. It is a biological requirement of human life. Not getting enough sleep leads to impaired physical and mental health. However, the quality of sleep, not just the duration, is also importance,” added Dr. Srinivas Kishore, ENT Director, AIG Hospitals. Besides the deadly condition of sleep apnea, there are almost 38 types of sleep disorders. People who suffer from sleep disorders should get help as soon as possible to avoid a deterioration in the quality of life.