What everyone has learned over the past year is that your health is more important than ever in these unprecedented times. While COVID-19 vaccinations are ongoing in our region, COVID-19 and its variants are still here and causing new infections. With the allergy season in Saint-Louis in full bloom, you may be wondering if your sinus and drainage issues or itchy throat are related to seasonal allergies or possibly COVID-19. You no longer have to wonder or worry about your symptoms – get them evaluated by a Sound Health Services healthcare professional.

Sound Health Services is the largest private otolaryngology practice in St. Louis with more than 30 providers caring for patients in 10 offices located in the Greater St. Louis area, from Chesterfield to Farmington. Otolaryngology is a medical specialty focused on medical conditions affecting the head and neck, including ears, nose and throat (ENT), audiology, speech therapy, and allergy services . Sound Health’s cutting-edge care includes services for ENT medical conditions and expert help for environmental allergies, sinus treatment, hearing loss, dizziness, facial plastic surgery and head surgery and by the neck. Doctors at Sound Health can also detect head and neck cancer, allowing patients to seek and get cancer treatment early, leading to the best results.

There is no reason to suffer from seasonal or chronic allergies, pain or hearing loss. Listen to your body and seek help as soon as possible. Sound Health physicians, nurse practitioners, audiologists and speech language pathologists in several locations are available to take care of you. Using highly specialized procedures with the latest medical technology, they provide the best specialized ENT care for their adult and pediatric patients.

A quick and easy way for Sound Health Services to help you and your family members with specialist ENT care is to ENT now clinic, which offers on-site walk-in care in a convenient location in Des Peres for children and adults. ENT Now Medical Director Dr. James Hartman explains that ENT Now is unique when it comes to same day service delivery for specialist ENT services. This is what sets ENT Now apart, along with cost savings, as patients are billed at the specialty office visit rate instead of a higher emergency care rate. “Once people come in, they love the service,” he says. Dr Hartman stressed that people should contact a medical professional for any health concerns they may be having. Left untreated, these seemingly minor health problems can turn into something worse. If you are having a neck up problem, Sound Health is available to help.

I am still worried about COVID-19

In addition to ENT, allergy, audiology and speech therapy services, several Sound Health offices, including ORL Now, offer rapid COVID-19 tests so you know your results before you leave the office. Sound Health has helped the community of Saint-Louis by providing nearly 20,000 COVID-19 tests to date. They are invested in the health of the Saint-Louis community and are there to take care of you. Sound Health is committed to ensuring the health and safety of its patients and employees and continues to take appropriate COVID-19 precautions to minimize person-to-person interactions.

Learn more about Sound Health Services at soundhealthservices.com or call 314-729-0077.

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