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Disney star / Entrepreneur.com writer Devan Leos via twitter

The American entrepreneur and innovator of the entertainment industry Possible Philly, finally gets the credit for his breathtaking contributions.

I’m going to do a crazy interview / play with the American entrepreneur behind the rapper Soldier Boy “

– Devan Leos via Twitter

BEVERLY HILLS, California, United States, July 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Who is possible Philly? While you may have heard his name by now, you are probably unaware of all of the extraordinary accomplishments and contributions he has made. You’ve probably seen it on Vine, Instagram or even on Soulja Boy’s cult song “Tom Brady”. However, many of the Phill’s most legendary accomplishments have gone unrecognized.

Right now, Devan Leos (Entrepreneur.com author and former Disney actor), is collaborating on a huge story about the life and legacy of this elusive but powerful entertainment entrepreneur) Devan Leos tweeted “I’m going to make a insane interview / play with the American entrepreneur behind rapper soulja Boy, and the originator of drop crotch jeans, as well as one of the first entrepreneurs in drop ship entertainment, and private label! Big story to come via @Entrepreneur ”

While the story is shrouded in secrecy, what we can say is that according to official sources, the new expose will highlight such things as: Philly Possibles’ involvement with superstar “Soulja Boy,” and the awesome merchandising ideas that came straight from the mind of Philly Possible, as well as highlighting him as one of the creators of the “drop crotch” jeans (worn by Justin Bieber and many other celebrities), as well than other things such as travel and being the first entrepreneur in the industry to shoot music videos in 4k.

While there is still a lot to discover in the next article via Entrepreneur.com, we know: Philly Possible is an American entertainment entrepreneur, who is best known for his hilarious content on Vine and other social media platforms. However, Philly Possible has also been the source of many modern social media strategies and business practices; combining business acumen with creative genius. There is no release date for the entrepreneur.com article, but there will be one soon!

You can find Possible Philly on Instagram @Possible_Philly

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Tom Brady Soulja Boy FT Possible Philly Music Video


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