A seaside hotel has received permission to use two new bars on its terraces despite noise pollution.

The Best Western Plus Dover Marina Hotel & Spa is located on Dover Beach in a Grade II listed building.

The license was granted despite concerns about antisocial behavior

The hotel has applied for a license from its two new bars to serve drinks on the building’s front terrace.

Best Western also requested to serve light refreshments in the evening between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m., but this was only granted indoors.

Opposing the new bars, Amanda Stockbridge, a nearby resident, said: “There are quite a few concerns from local residents, for example the time spent serving alcohol, until 11:30 pm.

“It’s almost 20 hours a day, every day of the week, that’s quite worrying.

“There are a lot of residents who are quite old, sick or working shifts, so it’s a concern for them.

Best Western Plus <a class=Dover Marina Hotel & Spa in Waterloo Crescent” data-root=”/_media/img/” data-path=”V3WZLXRE3OKAXILGC41B.jpg” data-ar=”1.33″/>
Best Western Plus Dover Marina Hotel & Spa in Waterloo Crescent

“We already see alcohol abuse on the waterfront. We have seen regular defecation, urination, vomiting in public places, it is not fun.

“There are going to be a lot of places in a small area serving alcohol. All these places add up “.

Because the hotel is a Grade II listed building, Best Western is unable to install glazing without council approval.

Responding to his concerns, Cllr Oliver Richardson said: “The two bars will be located outside but will still be inside the premises and will close in the evening.

“The hotel has been around for a long time and I agree with a cafe style company in Dover and want to cheer more on the waterfront.

The view of Dover beach from the hotel terrace
The view of Dover beach from the hotel terrace

“Twenty hours a day, I think, is normal in the hotel industry. I understand your objections, but they’ve had a terrible last 18 months and they don’t want much other than what they’re already doing. “

The area has seen extensive renovations as part of the Port of Dover’s £ 250million flagship Dover Western Docks Revival (DWDR) project.

In what is the biggest investment the port has ever made, there is now the new Marina Pier, a new marina and a new plaza called Clocktower Square.

The area, known collectively as Marina Curve, is being considered for potential mixed-use development. A project comprising a 90 bed motel, restaurant and bar and outdoor swimming pool made from converted shipping containers was submitted and deferred with the instruction to designers to “go back to the drawing board”, making the project more suitable. at the world class port.

The applicant also stated that it was in the hotel’s best interest to reduce noise: “We are a four star hotel and people expect a good night’s sleep. We have our own paying customers in the hotel and we don’t want to disturb them as much as our neighbors.

The plan was for shipping containers to be molded together in a 90 bed motel in Dover Marina Curve
The plan was for shipping containers to be molded together in a 90 bed motel in Dover Marina Curve

“The license can always be revised, but so far we have had no problem serving in the region.

“Indeed, there will be no change, but we will provide faster service.”

While Mr. Richardson was pleased with the hotel’s opening of two more bars, he was curious as to why Best Western wanted to serve refreshments until the early hours of the morning.

The requester responded by saying that sometimes clients did use these facilities: “Tomorrow morning we have someone leaving for a cross-Channel swim at 3 am. They want soup with friends then before they leave.

“There are cases where corporate clients come back to the hotel early in the morning with clients and want to invite them over for coffee before leaving.

“Technically speaking, you just need to sprinkle the I’s and cross the T’s, to do it legally.”

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