Slumdog Millionaire director brought his production to The Citadel on the Western Heights

New behind-the-scenes footage of Danny Boyle’s new Sex Pistols show Pistol is in full swing.

Based on Steve Jones ‘2018 memoir, the series is expected to take the form of a biopic of Jones’ early years and how he ended up joining the world-famous punk rock band.

With the cast members of the hits of Queen’s Gambit and Game of Thrones, the prospect of an in-depth look back at the formation of one of the UK’s most important cultural and musical icons over the past 50 years is enticing.

It doesn’t look like we have to wait too long to see the finished product, as filming started in Kent in Folkestone, Deal and Dover this week.

Most of the recently taken photos show scenes that seem to reflect Steve Jones’ youth and entanglements with the law.

For the filming of The Citadel, on the western heights of Dover, was converted into a 1970s prison set, replacing Ashford Remand Center, a former juvenile unit on the site of HMP Bronzefield.

The Citadel, which was once an immigration center, has been sold by the Justice Department in recent years and is now owned by a group called Techfort – who have the long-term goal of becoming “the Kingdom’s most impressive fortress. – United in a cutting-edge technology pole and world-renowned “.

It is rented for short-term “meantime uses”.

For now, Steve Jones has publicly stated that the Sex Pistols likely saved him from a life of crime and are continuing the almost inescapable cycle of reoffending, meaning those early behind-the-scenes glimpses could feature some of the moments most busiest and most crucial of the upcoming show. .

With more chances to come as the filming process continues, it looks like Kent will be hosting a lively and exciting shoot for the next few weeks – so keep your eyes peeled for film crews and TV stars. and cinema scattered on the east coast.

Below, you can see behind-the-scenes footage from today’s shoot.

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