BHOPAL: The reappearance of black fungus cases is increasing in Madhya Pradesh. About 10 percent of patients recovered from mucormycosis, colloquially known as black fungus, in the condition developed the infection again.

Doctors blamed the misconception on the side effects of the simple amphotericin used to treat black fungi spread on social media for the reoccurrence of the infection in the condition. Fear of the supposed side effect caused the recovered patients to ditch the amphotericin and they started requiring liposomal injection, the doctors said.

Concerned medical experts also said that the irregular supply of drugs and injections also caused the drug to reappear.

Dr SP Dubey, ENT and state task force committee member, said black fungus cases resurface even after surgery and injection doses. “The cases of black fungus recurrence are increasing in the condition. This is due to the negligence of the patient as he is required to stay in contact with the attending physicians for three months and even after the surgery. However, once the patient is released, he loses contact with the doctors, ”Dubey said.

Every five days, the nasal passages need to be cleaned, but because patients don’t see their doctors, black fungi grow again, the ENT said.

In addition, the irregular supply of drugs and injections in hospitals is also responsible for the re-emergence of the black fungus, he added. Injections are not available in hospitals, even in AIIMS, the situation is pathetic, he added.


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