Stressing that black fungus was not a new but rare disease, a senior surgeon from GMC Srinagar said a new case was due for surgery while three more were treated at medical school in the past year.

On Saturday, a 45-year-old patient who recovered from COVID19 a month ago was diagnosed with mucormycosis infection at GMC Srinagar, said Professor Manzoor Ahmed Lattoo who works in the ENT department at heavy load on this. Medical School.

He said the patient was in treatment and his department planned to operate on her soon.

“She is diabetic and is doing well at the moment,” he says.

Professor Lattoo said the patient is the fourth case of the ‘black fungus’ that has been detected among COVID19 patients in the past year in Kashmir.

“Last year, we treated 10 patients with mucormycosis, six of them were non-COVID19 patients and four had recovered from the infection or were active positive at that time,” he said. he declares. All of this, he said, was diabetic.

Professor Lattoo said one of the black fungus cases was detected in a patient with chronic liver disease who was admitted for treatment for COVID19. “He didn’t survive,” he said.

Stressing that black fungus was a disease that primarily affected severely immunocompromised patients, a condition common in diabetics, he said, “All of the patients we saw had been diabetic for at least 8-10 years.” He said the SARS-CoV2 infection “deals a severe blow” to the immune systems of people with uncontrolled diabetes. “That’s why we’re hearing about more infections now,” he said. “The use of steroids increased the risk of getting the infection.”

The fungus, he said, was present in soil and dirt, but did not affect people who had healthy immune systems. “If you are immunologically competent, you are not at risk,” he said.

The ENT department, Prof Lattoo said, has been treating black fungus for a decade and was the only center in Kashmir equipped to treat the disease holistically. Full treatment and recovery is possible with the right treatment, he said, adding that hygiene plays an important role in prevention. “There is medical literature that explains the risk factors and includes medical equipment such as oxygen masks, fittings, which can now also be industrial oxygen,” he said.


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