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HYDERABAD: Warangal resident Sindhu Jakkula spent hours waiting at Koti ENT Hospital on Saturday to get a bed for her father who was infected with a black fungus. However, with no help in sight, she returned to her hometown with her critically ill father around 2 a.m. on Sunday. This is not just a single case, several patients infected with a black fungus, who went to the ENT hospital in Koti had to return home or wait more than a day to get a bed. The ENT Hospital is the hub of black fungus cases in the state, and finding a bed there has become a nightmare for patients.

Previously, of the 200 beds, the hospital kept 185 beds for general patients and 15 for patients undergoing surgery. Following the increase in black fungus cases, hospital management has increased the bed capacity to 215. Despite the additional beds, the hospital does not have enough beds to accommodate all black fungi patients. . He faced a shortage of beds as patients not only from Hyderabad but also from districts approached the center for treatment.

Speaking to Express, Sindhu, who accompanied his 55-year-old father, Sudharshan Jakkula, to the ENT hospital, said, “We begged the doctors to provide us with a bed because the infection reached her eye. my father. However, they refused to admit my father. We asked them to give her at least one injection, but we couldn’t get help, ”she said. While the ENT hospital only treats black fungus patients, who have a negative Covid test report, those who have a positive Covid-19 report are treated at Gandhi Hospital.

Another patient, Anjaneyulu from Wanaparthy also had a painful experience at the ENT hospital as the hospital management initially refused to admit him. “As soon as we entered the hospital, we had to face several problems. We had to wait in a long queue for outpatients, ”said Ramesh, cousin of Anjaneyulu. “After waiting a long time, we went to a doctor, who said there were no beds. After several requests, he agreed to admit the patient only if we can do an MRI at a private diagnostic center. Eventually we got a bed, however there were no doctors available to check on the patients as it was a Sunday, ”he said.

Meanwhile, Ramesh said MRI and CT scanners were not working at the hospital. Even there is no provision to perform RT-PCR test in hospital and doctors refer patients to private diagnostics in Himayatnagar which costs them over Rs 10,000 and places huge burden on patients poor, he added.

Surgery with the right medicine can cure black fungus: Doc

“If I had done 30 mucormycosis surgeries in the past 30 years, I would have done the same number in the past two to three weeks. The situation is so bad, ”said Dr. M Mohan Reddy, ENT specialist and senior ENT surgeon at Nova ENT Hospital, during an awareness conference on black fungal infection organized by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Telangana State Trade Center (TSFCCT). Dr Reddy said doctors are in a situation of helplessness. “The patients who approach me ask me to operate on them, it’s so bad,” he added. “Unlike Covid-19, it does not spread from person to person. In the cases reported so far, we have seen people with a history of diabetes. This does not mean that all diabetics will get it. At the same time, anyone who has been subjected to large doses of steroids may not have black fungus. Surgery combined with the right medicine can cure 90% of cases, ”Dr Reddy added.


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