PIERRE-HENRI DUMONT, the Republican MP for Calais, told Sky News that “almost 100%” of the Port of Dover kiosks allocated to French police were filled yesterday.

It was claimed on Friday that the long delays around the port were due to a lack of French border control agents.

However, Mr. Dumont says “that’s not true”.

He added: “Almost 100% of the kiosks given to the French police to carry out checks at the port of Dover are full of French police. We can’t do more, we can’t go faster than that.

“The fact is that the port is very small, it is three to four times smaller than the port of Calais and I saw that two years ago the British government decided not to give money to the port of Dover to improve the number of kiosks for the French police.

“We are doing everything we can, we cannot do more because of structural facts.”

Mr Dumont ultimately blamed the problems “straight on Brexit”.

He said: “Because of Brexit we need to have more checks on passports, we need to stamp every passport, we need to check who is entering the European Union – something we didn’t have to do before Brexit.

“The Port of Dover is too small to have all this traffic.”

He warned: ‘This is how it will be for years if there is no processing in the Port of Dover.’