MORE than 3,700 people have signed a petition launched after a three-vehicle crash in which two colleagues were killed.

Motorcyclists Craig Smart, 38, of Mantle Close, Gosport, and Simon Ashworth, 49, of Howerts Close, Warsash, collided with a pickup truck on the Marchwood A326 bypass.

A fundraising campaign raised almost £ 5,700 for their families – and more flowers were left at the scene.

Police are still investigating the cause of the crash, which occurred at the junction of the A326 and Twiggs Lane in Marchwood on October 6.

But the collision, coupled with other fatalities in recent years, has prompted calls for major improvements to the region’s roads.

When the A326 was built 50 years ago, it cut several east-west roads in two connecting Hythe, Marchwood and other parts of the Waterside to the New Forest.

Motorcyclist Kyle Hall, 34, from Hythe, has started an online petition calling on Hampshire County Council to make Twiggs Lane and Staplewood Lane junctions left only on both sides of the carriageway.

The circumstances surrounding the latest crash remain unclear, but the petition says several other motorcyclists have been killed in the area over the past decade.

He adds: “At least four other people have died from accidents on other sections of this road.

“Both junctions have to be left turn only, which means vehicles can only turn left on and off those roads.

“If we can prevent another person from losing their life at these junctions, then the lives we have already lost will not have been lost in vain. ”

The petition also calls for improvements to the 1 km stretch of road between the two intersections, including continuous white lines to prevent people from overtaking.

A county council spokesperson said, “Officers from the County Council-led Casualty Reduction Partnership will work with the police to establish the circumstances of the accident and take appropriate action.”

One of the floral tributes left at the scene describes the victims as “two big boys”.

Motorcyclists worked for Muehlhan, part of the wind industry. The company is based on the site of the former Fawley power station, which is only a few miles from the crash site.

The online fundraising campaign has so far raised £ 5,675 for the men’s families.

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