The number of patients going to the government ENT hospital in Koti has increased in the past week after black fungus cases have started to increase. This is the demand that the number of patients with mucormycosis (black fungus) in treatment is greater than its bed capacity of 200. And there were just over 90 COVID patients with the black fungus at Gandhi Hospital.

Several patients with mucormycosis who have undergone surgery in company hospitals have chosen the ENT hospital for post-surgical treatment. ENT doctors have said that people who generally opt for company hospitals are inclined to be admitted to public hospitals.

Reason. Availability of important antifungal drugs such as liposomal amphotericin B and posaconazole, in government. health facilities. These drugs are scarce on the market and private hospitals must apply online to obtain them. There are 200 beds at the government ENT hospital.

However, 215 patients with black fungi were in the hospital until Saturday evening. Of the 215, around 20 patients were transferred from private hospitals. Additional beds were placed in the available rooms when it reached its full capacity. A few beds are reserved to accommodate patients with a severe form of fungal infection and requiring immediate attention.

Hospital director Dr T. Shankar said they were performing operations on patients on a high priority basis. After six days of post-surgical treatment and after assessing the condition of the patients, they are released. Then antifungal drugs are administered for 20 days.

“Patients have to come for examination after 20 days. They can consult us if they have any problems during that time frame, ”he said. While patients who have recovered from COVID are admitted to ENT hospital, black fungi patients with COVID are admitted to Gandhi hospital. Some of the patients had a severe form of fungal infection.

Two patients with fungal infection have died at Gandhi Hospital in the past 15 days.

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