A city council has apologized after garbage accumulated in Folkestone and Hythe due to problems with a new waste collection contract.

Residents told ITV News Meridian that their trash cans had not been collected for weeks after the new trash service started earlier this year.

Folkestone and Hythe District Council said sorry and that the service “was not good enough”.

Alan and Joyce Carolan were among those who left huge piles of garbage outside their homes.

“We’ve always had great service here,” said Alan, “for some reason they said the contract had changed.”

“Obviously, if it hasn’t been picked up in a week, the seagulls get in there and different things get in there, and then the wind blows it.

“It was awful.”

Janice Carrera said she had only had one collection since the new contract was awarded.

She said she had lived in Folkestone for 20 years and only missed one pickup during that time due to heavy snowfall.

“What made me so angry is that I’m supposed to be assisted trash cans,” she said, “so I should have top priority.”

But the collection had actually “come all the way and left behind” Janice’s trash cans.

The disruption of services also affected commercial collections.

Peter Christmas, who runs the Prince of Wales across from Hythe Ranges, is among the many business clients who have also been affected.

He took over the pub after containment, but is still unable to sort the waste collection.

“We spoke with [the contractor] for at least four weeks, but we don’t seem to be able to organize an account, ”said Peter.

“I’m constantly on the phone to say what’s going on, they’re supposed to email me and they haven’t.”

The local council, Folkestone and Hythe District, has apologized to residents for the disruption of services “as a result of route changes” made by the contractor.

A council spokesperson said: “The majority of residents have their garbage collected as usual.

“However, normally excellent levels of collection services are not being achieved for a large number of households as these changes take longer than expected to go to bed.

“This is simply not enough and we apologize to all residents concerned.

“Rest assured that the garbage crews in the field are working extremely hard to pick up any missed trash cans and ensure that service gets back to normal as soon as possible.”

Veoila, the contractor who runs the waste collection service in the neighborhood, said he was sorry for the residents.

He said a recent change in their operation has created a “transition period during which our crews get used to new routes” which, he warned, could mean “temporary delays or missed pickups, which we strive to rectify as soon as possible “.

A spokesperson for Veoila added, “We are closely monitoring the continued performance of the service to ensure that any issues that arise are resolved quickly and to that end we have deployed additional vehicles and resources.

“We expect the recycling and waste collection service to improve steadily and return to its usual high level as soon as possible.

“If your bin is missed, please continue to leave it aside as we will be back to pick it up as soon as possible.”

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