CNN just received Bart simpson.

Twitter troll, armed with a small collection of fake accounts with ridiculously stupid names, managed to get CNN to fill their screen ticker on New Years Eve with tweets from “Ben Dover,” “Mike Oxlong “and” Dixie Normus “.

Meanwhile, what could be two other trolls have been granted airtime for “Anita Blackman” and “Deeko Giganto” posts.

CNN broadcast the tweets as scrolling text at the bottom of the screen during its live countdown to the end of 2021, which was hosted by reporter Anderson Cooper and TV personality Andy Cohen.

“Another hit @Andy,” said a 10 p.m. tweet by @DixieNormussss.

“Regina King is killing the game looking better than ever!” noted the 11:34 tweet from @ BenDover837.

“Regina is beautiful! I like him as well as Andy and Anderson of course, ”said a tweet from 11:20 p.m. from @ Shun86LGM, whose profile name appears as “Anita Blackman”.

The sophomore stunt began to gain attention after a comment from a Tik-Tok user went viral, with a post that garnered 3.5 million views as of 2:45 p.m. the next day.

A quick review by The Daily Beast shows that most of the accounts described above are connected, sharing what cybersecurity investigators generally refer to as “shared infrastructure”. For example, the seven Twitter accounts Anita Dump, Ben Dover, Dixie Normus, Harry Cox, Hugh Jass, Mike Oxlong, and Seymour Butts each follow very few accounts, but almost all follow each other. All of them bombarded Twitter with the hashtag #CNNNNYE to get noticed by CNN and appeared to be created just for that purpose. All but one account only tweeted last night, and only to CNN.

The main account appears to be @ MikeOxLong625, as it was created in February 2021, while all others were opened in December. He also has the most connections and tweets all kinds of random threads.

In fact, the account describes itself as “the real king of CNN Twitter and #CNNNNYE”. He did not answer the journalist’s questions.

CNN did not immediately respond to the comments on Saturday.

Dozens of people who picked up the messages in the ticker scroll called CNN for failing to closely monitor its inbound social media feed, though most seemed to appreciate the extra lightness. The night’s denouement, however, was reserved for Cohen’s epic drunken rant offering good riddance to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

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