FORMER GOVERNOR DICK CODEY SUPPORTS MAYOR’S DOVER FIRST TEAM CAROLYN BLACKMAN – Governor Codey said: “I am pleased to once again support the Dover First candidates for re-election to the Town of Aldermen Council. Dover; it was the team of True Democrats who delivered a strong Democratic platform in a financially responsible manner.

“With hard work, they improved public safety, renegotiated redevelopment agreements to benefit the city, attracted new responsible redevelopment proposals, improved road infrastructure, water supply and recreation programs, implemented a comprehensive COVID-19 safety program that included dual language education campaigns, testing clinics and access to immunizations, and established a respectful, open and transparent government.

“I am very proud of this group and of my support for them. Based on their dedication and achievements, I ask you to vote for these candidates, so that they can continue the great work they do for all residents of Dover.

The successful candidates are:

1st parish: alderman Jessica Cruz

2nd parish: alderman Judith Rugg

3rd room: alderman Adrian Ballesteros

4th parish: alderman Marcos Tapia, Sr.

Codey continued, “I strongly encourage the people of Dover to continue moving in the right direction; Now is not the time to look back to those who belonged to the Ex-Dodd administration that backed ex-Gov. Chris Christie and backed ex-President Donald Trump. Keep moving, Dover, and never look back!

“I also ask for your support for the Morris County Democratic Committee roster, Inc,”:

Ward 1 District 1

Jaime Humberto Rodriguez-Torres

Sandra Milena Wittner

Ward 1 District 2

Rommy cuervo

Design D. Sanchez

Ward 1 District 3

Oscar Serrano

Sandra Orozco

Ward 2 District 1

Timothy P. Downs

Sandra L. Downs

Ward 2 District 2

Humberto Quinones

W. Janette Quinones

Ward 2 District 3

Yoni A. Pulgarin

Cindy Isaza

Ward 3 District 1

Carolyn Blackman

Edouard Corréa

Ward 3 District 2

Maria F. Borda

Michael J. Scarneo

Ward 3 District 3

Claudia M. Rodriguez

Mario rodriguez

Ward 4 District 1

Fanery Valence

Carlos Valencia

Ward 4 District 2

Marcos Tapia, Sr.

Reynaldo Julve

Ward 4 District 3

Kathi L. gilbert

Reynaldo Julve

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