As well as live coverage on Facebook, we took to the streets of the city to ask the people of Colchester what they thought of the change.

Here is what you said:

Nicholas, a local vendor, said: “As COVID took hold and things got back to normal, things calmed down and it wasn’t very good for business.

“Anything that brings business to the center is a good thing.”


Vincent, a support worker, said: “I think with the modern experience the city offers, upgrading to a city is a must.

“It’s a beautiful city, and with the new status, we can attract more university students and stimulate the economy.

“I moved here as an adventure and I love this city so much, this Roman city is now a mix of old and new – this is the way to go.”


Ian, from Eight Ash Green, said: “I think this town deserved it, for the history we have alone.

“I hope this new status will now encourage the council to do more to improve the town centre, with fewer potholes, lower rents for shops and many new local businesses.”


Ashraph, from Hythe, said: “It’s really good, I’m glad it happened.

“I think one of the reasons they turned it into a city is how multicultural it is here.

“It’s a very welcoming place, every time you walk around the city you see so many races and cultures.”


Lucy Young of Youngs Fish said: “I think it will only be great for Colchester and its future.

“It will increase tourism, for good. Colchester is a beautiful town and they are investing a lot in preserving its history. Hopefully it will bring a lot of good fortune for our future.”

What do you think of Colchesters new status? Are you excited? Do you think it should have remained a city? Let us know.