Construction is due to start this month for Dover Fastrack, Kent’s first zero-emission bus service linking Whitfield with Dover city center and Dover Priory station. This is after Kent County Council (KCC) awarded a construction contract to Colas UK Projects Ltd. KCC is controlling the delivery of the project on behalf of Dover District Council (DDC), with the two councils working closely together to achieve a joint ambition for the county and district to become carbon neutral by 2050

Work will begin this month on the site and will last around 18 months. With a strong focus on carbon reduction, colas plans to plant over 10,000 new trees, shrubs and hedge trees as well as improve wildlife habitat in the area.

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The Dover Fastrack rapid transit bus system.

Construction of the bus rapid transit system will include a modern bus, a bridge over the A2 in Whitfield for cyclists and pedestrians, and a new road link between the B&Q roundabout in Whitfield and Dover Road in Guston. The electric bus fleet will run on Dover Fastrack. In 2018, Volvo, in partnership with KCC, worked to test the electric alternative. The program has been offered funding under the Department of Transportation’s Zero Emission Bus Regional Areas (ZEBRA) program.

Dover Fastrack will provide an efficient transport link with high-speed train services from Dover Priory station, better suited for commuting, leisure business travel to and from London. The project will also create a quick and easy way to reach Dover Castle and the city centre. The Dover Fastrack project is backed by a £22.9million central government funding package which is designed to help improve the new housing development. Dover District Council has been awarded the Homes England grant and partners with KCC, the motorways authority.

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