A CONTRACTOR has been appointed to repair a collapsed section of the Colne River Quay in Colchester.

Colchester Council chose Breheny to complete repairs to a section of wharf at Hythe where the piles are starting to pull away from the bank.

The council asked the Marine Management Organization for permission to survey the river bed, in order to allow the repair plans to be finalized.

Simon Crow, city councilor responsible for the environment and sustainable development, said: “I am pleased that we have appointed a contractor and are taking the next steps for the riverbed surveys, so that the repair work can start in the fall.

“Engineers continue to visit the site weekly to monitor damage to the river wall, and detailed monitoring will continue.

“There has been a small amount of movement in the damaged section of the piles over the past few weeks, which is due to recent high tides which have removed silt from the void behind the damaged sheet pile wall.

“This is to be expected and we continue to monitor the situation closely.”

The adjacent trail, which connects Hythe and Rowhedge, will remain closed until repairs are completed in the interests of safety.

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Repairs – Environmental and Sustainability Patron Simon Crow

Mr Crow said: “We have looked at all the options for a safe diversion that people can use around this part of the river.

“Unfortunately, there is no viable diversion that people can use around this trail area as it is in an industrial area.

“We know it is frustrating for those taking the route, but as long as the path remains closed, we urge people, for their own safety, not to attempt to access the closed section of the trail.

“The trail will remain closed until repair work is completed and the path is once again safe for use.”

Repairs are unlikely to begin until the fall due to their complex nature and the necessary permits.

An environmental consultant is involved in the project to minimize the impact on wildlife in the region.

The council says there is no concern about an Anglian water outlet pipe at this point in the river.

Council officers also work closely with CTuk Marine Services, located in the field adjacent to the affected shore section, to ensure site security as part of the day-to-day management of their operations.

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