Positive Covid-19 tests have more than doubled in six regions of Kent.

Overall, the county saw a 41.3% increase in cases, bringing the total to 308 and the infection rate to 16.6.

Cases more than doubled in six areas

Dartford (156.2%), Medway (144.8%), Folkestone and Hythe (425.0%), Swale (100.0%), Gravesham (100.0%) and Dover (128.6%) have all saw more than double the cases during the week ending May 28. .

Dartford has the highest infection rate at 36.4 after registering 41 cases last week.

Despite the increase in testing in Canterbury following the discovery of positive tests for the Indian variant, cases have fallen 29.3% in the region.

Maidstone’s cases also fell 10.5% despite opening a mobile testing unit to look for cases of the Indian variant.

And in two parts of the county, no case of the Indian variant has been recorded.

Folkestone and Hythe have seen the biggest jump in cases in the past week, going from an infection rate of 3.5 last week to 18.6 this week.

Source: Public Health England
Source: Public Health England

Ashford currently has the lowest infection rate at 5.4 with just 7 cases recorded last week.

Only two people have died after testing positive for Covid-19 in the last 28 days of May.

The 79% increase in cases of the Indian variant across the UK has caused a stir, as early studies suggest the variant makes vaccines less effective – although it’s still too early to tell.

These studies show that those who received the Pfizer vaccine have fewer antibodies targeting the Indian variant, which could mean that some will need to receive another vaccine booster in the fall.

The immunization program is still going smoothly as an additional 97,450 people were vaccinated in the week ending May 30, bringing the total of those fully vaccinated to 710,941.


Of these, 32,052 were first doses and 65,398 were second doses.

Just under half (49%) of Kents received their first and second dose while 75% received their first dose.

Folkestone and Hythe maintain the lead with the highest number of fully vaccinated people, with 58% of the population having received both doses.

Thanet remains in the lead with the most first doses, with 80% of the population receiving at least one.

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