DOVER, Del. – Monday marked a day of remembrance, honor and respect as lawmakers, active-duty military and veterans gathered for a wreath-laying ceremony at the Legislative Building. The annual ceremony was part of Wreaths Across America.

But, this year was even more special, as it marked the first in-person crowning ceremony in Dover since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We must continue to recognize, congratulate and honor the things they do and the sacrifices they make,” said Delaware Veterans Coalition Chairman David Skocik. “Even when there is no conflict, they go through a lot. They are deployed regularly, often more than once over the years.

In addition to honoring those who serve, special emphasis has also been placed on children of military families. Students from Holy Cross School secured front row seats at the ceremony. “It was so good to see the kids here because the question was whether they would be allowed out here or not. The key is not just to honor those who have passed, but to honor the future, ”said Skocik.

And with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the recent troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, Governor John Carney has said it is now especially important to support those who dedicate their lives to serving that country. “What they have been doing over the past two years and the past 20 years of overseas deployment in the war on terror, and now they are here to help us fight COVID-19,” said the governor. “No job is too small. No job is too big for these guys.