By Nathan Kamal | 57 seconds ago

Danger! Fans have been hoping for the announcement of a permanent host for the long-running quiz show for some time now, but all they got was a goof after controversy after scandal. However, things could finally change. Per Variety, at the recent Daytimes Emmy 2022, Danger! Executive producer Michael Davies revealed that the show is close to finding a permanent person to stand on the legendary podium, saying, “We hope to have a hosting announcement very, very soon. Even more interestingly, he hinted that there was a big change in format for the upcoming show:

But with all our plans for “Jeopardy!” – which is more “Jeopardy!”, not less, more releases – we’re going to need multiple hosts to represent the entire audience, to represent the entire country, in order to move this franchise forward.

Same Danger! executive producer Michael Davies is to be believed (and we hope to trust him with all our hearts), it looks like the venerable quiz is moving to multiple permanent hosts rather than just one person. It’s currently unknown if this means there will be permanent hosts performing side-by-side on a single episode, if there will be a rotating series of permanent hosts taking turns, or if there are plans to launch. new versions of the show. There have been rumors for some time now that interim host Mayim Bialik could be tapped to host a regular schedule permanently. Celebrity danger! edition, so maybe Davies was giving tacit confirmation on that.

However, given that Mayim Bialik has recently been at the center of some Danger! (and no-Danger!) incidents, there must be some doubt as to his permanent presence on the show. Bialik was something of a curious temporary host on the show to begin with, given her track record of controversial public statements. A more recent incident in which she had to be canceled mid-episode by the show’s producers after cutting off a contestant mid-response. She too is currently suffering from a positive case of Covid-19, and we wish Mayim Bialik a speedy recovery.

On the other hand, producers of Danger! are not blameless themselves. Even more recently, fans of the show noted an embarrassing typo in the Final Jeopardy round question that aired. The show has further been hit by fans for making a clear mistake in their production after recently disqualifying a contestant for an allegedly “unreadable” answer that fans apparently didn’t find a problem with.

This is all the result of the sad passing of legendary longtime host Alex Trebek in 2021. After hosting Danger! for literal generations of viewers and becoming a pop culture icon in its own right, the show was always going to struggle to replace it. However, then-producer Mike Richards instituted a series of guest hosts which was widely seen as something of a trial run for a new permanent host. Hosts included former champ Ken Jennings (no stranger to controversy himself), Mayim Bialik, Katie Couric, Dr Mehmet Oz, Anderson Cooper, Aaron Rodgers and fan favorite LeVar Burton. Ultimately, Mike Richards announced that he would take on the permanent hosting duties himself; he resigned after just one week due to fan backlash and a number of misconduct allegations and controversial past statements. We can only hope that Danger! finally comes to the end of this long and tiring road and finds a new stable permanent host (or hosts).