Could the Fantastic Four from the 2005 film (starring Chris Evans) appear in Deadpool 3? A new rumor says yes.

By Vic Medina | Posted

As if Marvel fans weren’t already excited about Dead Pool 3 and the greatest team in movie history, the Merc with the Mouth may cross paths with the Fantastic Four. It’s just not what you’re probably expecting. According to Comic Book Resources, a new Dead Pool 3 rumor (and it’s wild) suggests that Ryan Reynolds’ character will meet the Fantastic Four team from the 2005 film.

While most Marvel fans would love to see the new Fantastic Four team up in the movie (which could still happen), having Deadpool meet this version of the iconic characters has a lot of potential. Despite getting a dismal 28% on Rotten Tomatoes, the 2005 film Tim Story had one big advantage (no pun intended): the cast. With Ioan Gruffudd as “Mr. Fantastic” Reed Richards, Jessica Alba as “Invisible Girl” Sue Storm, Michael Chiklis as “The Thing” Ben Grimm and Captain America himself, Chris Evans as “The Human Torch” Johnny Storm, the potential of some classic scenes is there for the taking.

If it’s true that the film’s premise involves Deadpool using the Multiverse to cross paths in non-MCU Marvel franchises, which sets up the Wolverine/Hugh Jackman matchup, a Fantastic Four encounter would be epic. It remains to be seen if the Fantastic Four cast is up for a cameo.

Dead Pool 3 won’t hit theaters until November 8, 2024, so there’s plenty of time to work out the logistics of cameos and the like, especially with Ryan Reynolds hinting that he’d like to see more actors from Fox’s Marvel movies join in. join them. Giant Freakin Robot exclusively reported that Reynolds wants James Marsden (Cyclops) and Halle Berry (Storm) to appear in Dead Pool 3which would be a nice compliment to see Jackman put the adamantium claws back in action.

Zazie Beetz, Ryan Reynolds, and absolutely not that Thanos guy in Deadpool 2

As for the long-awaited MCU version of the Fantastic Four, it remains to be seen who will actually be in it. John Krasinsky (The Office, Jack Ryan) has been teased as returning, though Marvel Studios is leaving the door open for possible changes. A number of names have been advertised on the internet as possible teammates for the Fantastic Four roster, but no clear favorites have emerged.

The list of possible characters who are rumored to appear in Dead Pool 3 seems bigger than the MCU itself. Jonathan Majors is said to appear as Kang, as does Owen Wilson as Morbius, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, and even Howard the Duck.

Reynolds, however, denied the rumor that Taylor Swift will appear, which we should all be grateful for.

We also don’t know if previous characters featured in the other Deadpool movies will reappear in Dead Pool 3. Morena Baccarin said she was eager to return and Zazie Beetz, who played Domino, said she would like to do another Deadpool movie, but is unsure whether she has been contacted about it. “Yeah, I can’t reveal,” she said of the possibility.