A “wild” drunk woman threw chairs in front of a take-out display before sinking her teeth into a man and headbutting him.

Former boxer Hannah Corlett, 23, also kicked a police officer in the face after it took up to four people to restrain her as she unleashed a wildfire of chaos in Dover.

Hannah Corlett, 23, was given a suspended prison sentence by Canterbury Crown Court. Picture: Facebook

One victim’s nose was so swollen it could not be X-rayed, while another needed tetanus and hepatitis shots for a bite wound.

The former pupil of Dover Grammar School for Girls was given a suspended prison sentence on Thursday by Canterbury Crown Court, where a judge compared her behavior to “a wild animal”.

Enraged Corlett, from Deal, had been drinking before going frenzied at Castle Take Away in Castle Street in the early afternoon in October last year.

She repeatedly slammed the fish and chips shop’s metal chairs against the window, causing it to explode, as the shocked owner watched from inside.

Owner Fabrizo Del Duca and a member of staff attempted to grab Corlett, but she fought them off fiercely as other eyewitnesses rushed to their aid.

Corlett's behavior has been compared to 'a wild animal'
Corlett’s behavior has been compared to ‘a wild animal’

Estate agent Dennis Roodhardt, who was watching the drama unfold from his window, was the first to rush to the trio.

“Miss Corlett then threw a chair at Mr. Roodhardt, he picked it up as they tried to calm her down. Miss Corlett sank her teeth into Mr. Roodhardt’s left forearm,” the prosecutor said Andrew Forsyth.

He said another individual alongside Andrew Camin tried to help when the violence escalated, the prosecutor said.

“Together they lifted Miss Corlett off the ground, Miss Corlett then threw her head in a forward action, headbutting Mr. Camin in the face, causing him extreme pain and a nosebleed,” a- he continued.

Corlett threw abuse and struggled with police who eventually detained her at Folkestone Police Station.

The attacks were carried out at Castle Take Away in Dover.  Image: Google
The attacks were carried out at Castle Take Away in Dover. Image: Google

But during a struggle in his cell, Corlett kicked PC Anita Silivestru in the face, which caused no lasting injury.

The court heard Mr Camin suffered a cut on the bridge of his nose, bruising and excessive swelling that prevented an X-ray.

Mr Roodhardt’s bite was treated with a tetanus and hepatitis booster.

PC Silivestru told the court, “I had a sincere belief that she would seriously hurt us all if she weren’t handcuffed and on the floor.”

CCTV footage played in court showed an enraged Corlett talking on her phone before trying to throw the furniture through the window of the chip shop.

Judge Catherine Brown
Judge Catherine Brown

It showed four spectators in front holding her down at one point.

Corlett – who fought for the UK Boxing Council’s English women’s title in 2019 – appeared visibly distressed in the dock, as footage showed the moment she delivered a powerful forward headbutt in the face of Mr Camin.

The court heard weeks before the incident. Corlett, of The Fairway, received a community order for similar matters.

Handing down an eight-month suspended sentence for 18 months, Judge Catherine Brown told Corlett: “It’s clear to me and to anyone else in the court that you were behaving like a wild animal, you weren’t behaving like a wild animal. like a civilized human being.”

She added bites “expose [victims] to the risk of infection – bites are never harmless”.

The hearing took place at Canterbury Crown Court
The hearing took place at Canterbury Crown Court

Judge Brown also told Corlett she went wild with a “really powerful headbutt”.

But she said Corlett had appeared “genuinely ashamed and remorseful” in court, and stressed there had been “no incidents of concern” since the offence.

Judge Brown said Corlett has a potentially bright future as she works to address existing mental health issues.

When the judge told a visibly trembling Corlett that she was being given one last chance, she replied, “Thank you.”

Mitigating Natasha Spreadborough said Corlett called her own behavior “disgusting and embarrassing”.

She added that the avid sportswoman is now “in a very different place than she was back then”, when she self-medicated with alcohol.

Corlett has since worked at a timber framing company and has a new relationship, she added.

Corlett pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity to criminal damage, assault of a rescue worker and two counts of actual bodily harm.

She was sentenced to perform 100 hours of unpaid work and 20 days probation.