Pierre Ninaber (director)


18 (certificate)

91 (length)

December 09, 2021 (published)

2 hours

The title might suggest a hike through the infamous California Desert Valley known as the hottest place on earth, possibly set during the Gold Rush era with prospectors going wrong with them. get lost and then have to do anything to survive. There have been quite a few films like this, but this Death Valley is not at all close. Instead, writer and director Matthew Ninaber has gone for the mission of rescue and scientific experimentation that is proven and reliable.

In the opening scene, Dr. Chloe (Kristen Kaster) covered in blood and chased. Her colleague does not succeed and she sends a message. This is picked up and an elite force of mercenaries is assembled to extract it and find out what is going on. The two we need to focus on are Beckett (Jeremy Ninaber) and Marshall (Ethan Mitchell) joking happily throughout the movie.

The team is dispatched to a location in Eastern Europe which is a heavily fortified bunker made up of numerous tunnels and galleries. There is a friendly force working in the field and there are no friendly forces so interested in what was going on in the bunker. It won’t take the viewer long to understand what was going on, and neither will the dynamics of the operation once everything is revealed.

As with the aforementioned Lost Prospectors et al in the desert, there is nothing new here about a secret experiment going awry and people being taken to extract and fight the result.

It’s blood and action for the most part with a few references to the Bible and the Book of Enoch probably to add a slightly more supernatural and esoteric flavor to set it apart from other science movies gone wrong.

A good essay, but this is basically a monster movie, and the monster itself with the effects that go with it is pretty good, which hardly makes up for the familiarity of the plot and script.

Death Valley will be available on Shudder starting November 9.