Disney is raising prices at Disneyland, leaving CEO Bob Chapek to be reprimanded online again.

By Charlene Badasie | Posted

As Disney moves closer to celebrating its 100th anniversary next year, the company has raised ticket prices for its Anaheim parks in nearly every category by an average of 8%. This includes additional Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane services at both US resorts. The price increases, which take effect immediately, have fans questioning their loyalty to the brand and CEO Bob Chapek.

Taking to social media to express their displeasure, Disney fans were quick to let the company know exactly how they felt. “I’m just having a lot of emotions right now. I’m really sad, anxious and stressed about Disney ticket prices going up. I just want to be able to go, get away from the real world. How much money do you want? you win from us?” one person wrote.

While some people directed their complaints to Disney in general, other comments directly called out Bob Chapek. “So when will Bob Chapek start charging guests to breathe in Disney Parks? Want to breathe in that sweet smell of Pirates of the Caribbean? It’s $50 for every breath, madam,” a fan said. very unhappy theme park.

Despite disgruntled customers, Disney’s theme park price hikes shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Bob Chapek previously hinted at an increase during an earnings call in August. Speaking to CNBC, he said the price increases would likely hit popular Mouse House theme parks after the company raised prices for Disney streaming services including Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+.

“We read the request. We don’t have any plans at this time as to what we’re going to do,” the Disney CEO told the publication at the time. “But we operate here with a surgical knife and it all depends on the consumer.” He added that if demand continues, the company will act accordingly. And if they noticed a drop, which seemed unlikely, they would also act on it.

According to Deadline, Disneyland ticket price increases have become synonymous with October. The best day and park ticket (level 5) was $124 in 2017. It was later increased to $134 in 2018, $149 in 2019, $154 in 2020, and $159 in 2021. Now the price for this same level the ticket is $169. That’s a 36% increase in five years. A sixth tier was added at $164 last year. It has now risen to $179.

Disney Parks Anaheim also introduced a new Tier 0 pricing tier with heavily restricted dates for $104. Park-Hopper tickets, which allow guests to visit Disneyland and California Adventure on the same day, also cost more, with the following prices now in effect via Deadline. Level 1 is $179. Level 2 will cost $194. Level 3 costs $209. Level 4 is now $224. The price for Tier 5 is $234 and Tier 6 will now be $244.

The cheapest Disney Park-hopper ticket will cost $169 and appear in a whole new tier. The cost of multi-day tickets also increased from 9.21% to 11.76%. After the pandemic destroyed the business in 2021, Disney parks, experiences and products have been instrumental in the company’s success this year. Revenue for the division soared 70% in August 2022, with operating profit rising from $356 million to $2.1 billion.

Disney bosses said national parks had pushed the numbers up. Boosted by the price increases and additions championed by Bob Chapek, customers were spending more per capita on tickets, food and hotels. Revenues were also boosted by new services like Genie+ and Lightning Lane. The new increases likely mean there will be more of this to come.