DOVER – Mayor Roger Lee told Dover City Council at its recent regular meeting that he discussed transferring ownership of the Dover sewerage system south of Round Rock Road to Russellville with Mayor Richard Harris .

Lee explained on Wednesday that the sewer lines run from Dover all the way to the Russellville Fairgrounds.

“My belief is that if we can come to an agreement on how to do this, it will benefit both Russellville and Dover,” Lee said. “Our councils should agree. We talk about this. A good number of customers who live in Russellville are on the Dover sewer line.

Lee said the meter behind the fairgrounds would move to where the city limits of Dover and Russellville meet at Roundrock Road. The Russellville portion would belong to Russellville, and the Dover portion would belong to Dover.

Russellville Mayor Richard Harris said Thursday that he and Mayor Lee have a good relationship and want the best for both communities.

“Mayor Lee recently met with me in my office to propose that Dover be willing to sell a portion of their sewer line that exists from the Russellville city limits to the Russellville Sewer Treatment Plant “Harris said. “This line allows City Corporation to provide sewage treatment for the city of Dover.

“Mayor Lee’s suggested price for this section of sewer line was very reasonable, in my opinion. Acquisition of this line by Russellville would allow for additional housing development north of the freeway and additional growth for the Town of Russellville. It would also allow Dover to reduce some of its debt and eliminate a liability.

“I have instructed City Corporation to perform due diligence on the sewer line to ensure that we fully understand the condition of the line and the condition of the pump stations along this line,” said added Harris. “This due diligence will allow us to be aware of the extent of service that may be required once the transaction is completed.

“I believe that this transaction, if it were to take place, would be beneficial for both communities. I appreciate Mayor Lee’s efforts to work with the Town of Russellville and hope we can get there very soon.

In other cases, Lee said the city applied for a USDA grant for 55% consideration for the purchase of a new truck for the street department.

“Everything indicates that it is a matter of time for us to receive this,” the mayor added.

Members of Dover City Council are Chris Walker, Chris Loper, Pat McAlister, Freddie Standridge and Carl Wetzel.