Dover firefighters were on the move Monday as they battled fires at three locations before 5 p.m.

Fire Chief Paul Haas said they were first called to a bushfire at a condominium on Clearwater Drive late in the morning. This fire, which was reportedly started by coals thrown from a grill, was about 10 feet from a building and was being pushed towards the structure by high winds.

At approximately 2:42 p.m., fire crews were called downtown at 98 Henry Law Avenue, where a fire started on an outdoor patio at Dover Bluff Condos and spread to the side of the building. .

Haas said all residents had been evacuated and no one was injured. Two cats were taken to a veterinarian by a neighbor.

Henry Law Avenue was closed to traffic from Hanson Street to Paul Street as firefighters from Dover and surrounding communities worked to put out the flames.

Haas said while crews were in the city center, firefighters providing cover for the station in Dover were called in for a third fire on Sandy Lane, a residential area.

This fire was a brush fire, Haas said.

Earlier today, the National Weather Service issued a “Red Flag Day” and city officials sent a message that there would be no daytime burns allowed in Dover, explaining that conditions Dry and windy conditions can lead to rapid growth of fires during the daylight hours.

Haas said residents should be aware of their actions at this time of year.

“The message to the community is to be very careful with all combustible materials outside,” Haas said.

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