DOVER – Kid’s Culture daycare owner denies and challenges state agency report ‘vehemently’ claiming excessive disciplinary tactics and disobeying state staffing regulations, among other offenses .

The report cites the Kid’s Culture Dover site in the city-owned McConnell Center.

The Foster’s Daily Democrat received a letter the center sent to parents, stating that the allegations that led to the New Hampshire Child Care Licensing Unit investigation were “grossly false” and that the investigation was “questionable”, based on false assumptions. It was signed by co-owner Erin Kniphfer and distributed to parents on Wednesday.

What the state investigation found

In the May 19 report, the New Hampshire Child Care Licensing Unit cited multiple violations based on a state investigation. Report says center staff abused their authority by disciplining children under 5, violated health and safety protocols, and falsely claimed their staff-to-child ratios were up to standard of State.

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The center was also cited in the report for over-restraining children, including stating that children were restrained by staff who wrapped their arms and legs around them, sitting on the floor, preventing the children from moving, even though they were ‘they cried for release. The state report noted concern over staff putting children on long periods of inactivity as a punitive discipline, and exposing children’s bodies to video cameras pointed at a bathroom. disposable baths.

According to the report, staff initially denied that there were video cameras and denied the use of time-outs or other punishment for children during investigator visits on March 16, March 19 and April 6. . then denied that the cameras were dragged into the toilet area, which the report said was also found to be false.

Kid’s Culture owners dispute report

The owners of Kid’s Culture claimed in the letter to parents that administrators had reviewed the video footage and found no evidence of mistreatment, and noted that the center was working with a lawyer to dispute the report.

In a written statement sent to Foster on Thursday, Kniphfer said: “We are incredibly disappointed with the way our organization, Kids Culture, has been portrayed. We are hurt and dismayed by these results and how this situation has turned out. unrolled. “

Kniphfer said she wanted parents to know that the staff did not cause any physical pain to any of the children and that corporal punishment is not tolerated.

“All staff who start working for our program receive a solid onboarding training that describes specific ratios, licensing rules to manage childcare behavior and our expectations in this regard,” Kniphfer said. “Child custody licenses are aware that their use and definition of corporal punishment does not match the actual definition which states them as: punishment intended to cause physical pain to a person.”

The center will continue to operate

Kniphfer said the center will continue to operate normally.

Kid’s Culture also has branches in Somersworth and Barrington.

New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services spokesperson Jake Leon said Kid’s Culture would be monitored to verify compliance with the corrective actions he was ordered to take.


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