A GARAGE owner has gone viral after sharing the moment a clumsy customer hit two cars… when his vehicle was just fitted with parking sensors.

Ben Pace, 43, from Colchester, has been co-owner of the popular PaceAutomotive body repair center in Hythe Hill for seven years.

On Wednesday, the father-of-two’s top team of mechanics were tasked with working on a blue Renault Clio that had been knocked over on a pole.

After installing noisy parking sensors, to prevent the driver from repeating his unfortunate blunder, the owner of the vehicle drove to the garage to collect his car.

Once behind the wheel, however, he drove in Mr Pace’s fiancee’s BMW 335d Touring before reversing in his business partner’s Renault racing car.

“The owner of the car is a really nice guy and a lovely guy and we had a camaraderie because we’re both Aston Villa fans so we had a mutual breakdown,” Mr Pace said.

“But he arrived half an hour early so his car wasn’t quite in the right space, but we gave him the keys so he could see the work we had done.

“He then started driving and all he had to do was turn the wheel, but it was just bad luck – I was screaming at the top of his voice but he didn’t break.

“I put my hands behind the sensors to check they were working and they were very loud – it rattled a bit but was funny nonetheless.”

Since the comedy skit, the driver has admitted his wrongdoing and happily paid £20,000 for the damage he caused to the BMW.


Mr Pace also uploaded CCTV footage of the incident to social media platform TikTok, garnering over a million views in just days.

He said: “I just started on TikTok and signed up to document my life and my kids – I’m not going to dance to it but I’m a prankster.

“I only have a few hundred subscribers so I uploaded the video thinking only my friends would see it, but it just went crazy.”

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