Fire crews are urging the public to be careful around muddy waterways after they rescued two people who were trapped near Folkestone Stadium. The couple were trapped in mud up to their waists and had to be rescued with mud paths and specialist equipment.

The two rescued people were checked by paramedics as a precaution. Kent Fire and Rescue reminded the public to be careful in coastal areas and to pay attention to tide times.

They said in a statement on Friday evening: ‘Kent Fire and Rescue Service urges the public to take care around muddy waterways and coastal areas following an incident in Folkestone today. Crews were called to report a muddy rescue on Folkestone Stadium and arrived at two people trapped waist-deep in mud.

“A fire engine and the Water Rescue Unit were dispatched to the scene, and crews used mud paths and specialist safety equipment to rescue the couple, who were later released to care. of the South East Coast Ambulance Service for precautionary checks. Following the incident, firefighters are reminding the public to take care around coastal areas and waterways, and also to be aware of tide times.

“Crews would also like to remind everyone to take note of warning signs and avoid straying too far into coastal or muddy areas as it may be deeper than you think.”

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