Firefighters may be used to saving an occasional cat from a tree, but crews in Kent have recently been called upon to something more ‘scaly’.

Ronnie, the runaway iguana, was discovered sunbathing on the roof of a pub in Folkestone after misstating its owner.

The tropical lizard – apparently giving its best impression of Houdini – slipped through a nearby window and climbed the walls of the pub.

Fortunately, firefighters, using an aerial ladder, managed to find the pet reptile on the roof of the pub where it was basking in the September sun on Monday at noon.

“RunawayRonnie”, as she was affectionately known following her rooftop adventure, was then returned safely to her owner’s arms.

Firefighters were assisted by RSPCA staff to ensure the welfare of the herbivore during the rescue at East Street, Folkestone Harbor.

RSPCA Inspector David Grant said: “This is the first time I’ve been called to rescue an iguana, especially an iguana roaming free.

“He had climbed to the top of the house and was sunbathing on the ridge of the roof. We didn’t want him to run away unnecessarily scaring him, so we used my dip net to capture him and quickly brought him back to the ground.

“Fortunately, he hadn’t suffered any ill effects from his rooftop adventure and I was quickly able to reunite him with his grateful owners who lived below. It could have ended very differently, so I want to thank Kent Fire & Rescue for all their expert help. “

Anyone wishing more information on how to care for exotic animals should visit:

The Kent Fire and Rescue Service said on Twitter: “It’s not every day you save an iguana from a pub rooftop, but that’s exactly what our teams and @offical_RSPCA have been up to. answered in #Folkestone earlier.

“#RunawayRonnie had escaped from a nearby window and scaled the pub walls. We’re happy to say he’s back safe and sound in his owner’s arms.

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