Tim in his Falklands veterans scarf

Submitted by Timothy Geere

Falklands veteran Timothy Geere of Folkestone is honored to have received a special knitted scarf in the colors of the South Atlantic Medal ribbon.

39 years ago, Tim served in the Royal Navy and was part of a fleet carrying 33,000 British military personnel to the Falkland Islands. They won a short but intense war to liberate the British Isles from Argentine invaders.

74 days of Argentine occupation ended with the liberation of British territory on June 14, 1982.

Falkland Islander Rachel Simons was 11 at the time. She lived with her family in Stanley, the capital of the Falklands, throughout the conflict.

Always grateful for peace and freedom Rachel, who now lives in the UK, has recently started making scarves in the colors of the South Atlantic Medal ribbon and giving them to veterans of the Falklands.

The idea quickly caught on. Many have joined her to knit and crochet scarves and then distribute them through a fast growing Facebook group called Scarves for Falklands Veterans.

The group already has more than 4000 members.

Now working in partnership with the Falklands Veterans Foundation, Rachel and her team of over 75 scarf makers have made and donated nearly 1,500 scarves to South Atlantic medal holders.

In addition, expressing their kindness and creativity, the team also made and distributed hundreds of hand-knitted hats and many other woolen items in these same colors – navy, blue, green and white.

Tim was honored to receive his scarf in February and joins veterans around the world, overwhelmed by this outpouring of kindness, feeling recognized and appreciated.

He’s not the only Falklands veteran in Kent, but he wants to know if anyone else is the proud holder of a Falklands scarf.

If you received one, please let us know.

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