Sheddie Adam made good use of her time on leave

A gloriously colorful garden shed in Folkestone, Kent, has been shortlisted for a prestigious national award.

Adam Krzempek’s Clock Tower Hangar was nominated for Cuprinol Hangar of the Year 2021 and advanced to the final.

The competition is hosted by Readersheds – a site that celebrates every style, shape and size of shed imaginable, from traditional to unconventional and everything in between.

22 finalists go from hangar to hangar in seven categories. One winner from each will be decided by public vote before a panel of hangar experts decide who will receive the giant gold crown.

The big winner will receive £ 1,000, a plaque and £ 100 worth of Cuprinol products.

The Russell Road competitor is one of three garden havens in the budget category, where innovation and creativity are key factors.

Adam explains that it is mainly a storage shed where garden tools, bicycles and logs for the fireplace are stored; it is also a winter shelter for some of its plants.

“The shed was there when we bought the house, but it was just a plain, sad brown shed. I painted it in uplifting Mediterranean colors and applied self-adhesive stained glass vinyls so that it was impossible to see what’s inside – it can be messy at times, I won’t not lie.

Adam was on leave during the first lockdown and, with plenty of free time, decided to do a clock tower to sit on the roof.

It is an ingenious construction made of two old bedside tables, which has received compliments from neighbors and visitors.

But the project didn’t stop there as he later decided to paint the felt roof in a vibrant raspberry pink color, bringing a tropical touch to East Kent.

Adam said: “It’s a very happy shed, my own Town Hall.”


Andrew Wilcox, Chief Judge and Founder of the Competition, said: “The past year has been an incredibly difficult time for all of us and now more than ever we recognize the importance of the Humble Hangar.

“Sheds aren’t just unloved brown structures at the back of the garden that house tools and household waste, they’re vital spaces where you can relax, work on a project, or let off steam.

“This year’s high caliber entries really prove why we put the competition together in the first place – to highlight the valuable role that hangars can play in our lives, in our businesses and the positive impact they have on our well-being. “

Cuprinol Marketing Manager Kirsty Woodbine said: “We are overwhelmed by the number and quality of applications we have received this year.

“The level of innovation, imagination and creativity that we have seen has been incredible, as has the number of people using their sheds as dedicated spaces to help others in their community. This year’s competition was truly a life affirming. “

Public voting for the 15th annual competition closes Monday, July 12.

Discover the 22 finalists and vote here.

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