Former Gillingham midfielder Darren Oldaker is on the move after leaving Hythe.

Oldaker left Reachfields for South Dorking Wanderers National Club, joining former Gills teammate Barry Fuller.

Darren Oldaker’s last appearance at Hythe was against Whitstable this weekend Photo: Randolph File

He is the first player to leave the Cannons since manager Steve Watt stepped down last week.

The 22-year-old had no shortage of offers, according to interim boss Nathan Elder.

“DJ probably had a thousand options, his phone kept ringing,” Elder said.

“He had been out of the game for a little while and lost his love for football before coming here, but Watty brought him back to his old self.

“We saw a big difference in him between his arrival and his departure.

“He was back to the DJ we know and love.

Darren Oldaker left Gillingham three years ago Photo: Ady Kerry
Darren Oldaker left Gillingham three years ago Photo: Ady Kerry

“It was inevitable that he would get ripped off and I’m absolutely certain he will go even higher – he’s a major talent.

“DJ bluntly reminds us that in football we have to take care of young people a little more.

“Things have changed since my time, my God, and it’s important that we take care of them.”

Oldaker made his Gillingham debut through 17-year-old Justin Edinburgh in a Premier League match at Scunthorpe in August 2016.

He made 33 appearances for the Gills, scoring five goals, before his contract was terminated by mutual consent three years ago, in the first months of Steve Evans’ reign.

Oldaker had a brief stint with Billericay before joining Hythe and also played for Welling, then directed by another of his former Gillingham bosses, Steve Lovell.