Residents have expressed dismay after a spate of fox deaths where their remains were ‘thrown’ down an alley.

The grizzly bear findings prompted residents of Romney Marsh to alert authorities.

Posters in Greatstone, Romney Marsh, after dead foxes were dumped on a driveway (57869629)

More than five of the protected species have been found dead on a road in Greatstone over the past week, according to KentOnline.

A poster on a lamppost near Roberts Road, where the animals were found, reads: ‘Stop poisoning the foxes, you are mean and cruel, and stop putting them in our way when you have killed them.

“It is illegal to intentionally put poison in to harm foxes under the Wildlife Act 1911 – it is illegal.”

A conviction for causing unnecessary suffering to foxes, moles and mink carries a prison sentence and a fine of up to £20,000.

Nursery school worker Lisa Thompson, who lives on Roberts Road, told how her elderly neighbor discovered a number of creatures “thrown down the aisle”.

And she described her shock after recently finding a dead fox in her garden, which was taken to a vet for an autopsy.

Red fox.  (57526510)
Red fox. (57526510)

She said: “It’s very spooky, someone picked up some dead foxes and put them in my neighbour’s driveway – I think they were discovered in the morning.

“We believe their death was due to a case of accidental poisoning, as there is no evidence that they were harmed in any other way.

“It looks like someone is going out of their way to pick them up when they’re dead and then place them on their driveway, which is at the end of the quiet road.

She continued: “We actually found a dead fox in our garden, my husband looked at it and he thought it had been shot.”

“It’s very sad that humans can be so cruel”

The series of deaths sparked speculation on The Real Marsh Watch Facebook page, with a resident explaining that his dog had been poisoned.

John Mitchell wrote: “I took my dog ​​for a walk on the beach where she ate something that looked like meat.

“(I) ended up having to take him to the vet at a cost of almost £100.

“I support all animals and they should all be protected, and these bad guys shouldn’t get away with this.”

Daphne Kellar added: “It’s very sad that humans can be so cruel, it’s been reported that dead foxes and a bear cub have been found in the car park at Dymchurch, hope it’s not the same evil person.”

Kazandrew Chapman continued, “(It’s) so sad, a pathetic human doing this to feel some sense of power, probably has major issues.”

An RSPCA spokesman said: ‘We would encourage anyone with information about a deliberately poisoned animal to report it to our cruelty and advice line on 0300 1234 999.’

Kent Police and Hythe District Council have been contacted for comment.