January 23, 2022, 1:53 p.m.

This is the moment a flimsy dinghy full of migrants lands safely on a beach near Dover, while the fishermen who filmed it can be heard criticizing the lack of visible Coastguard or Border Force presence .

The footage, which appears to show around 20 people aboard the dinghy, records the moment the boat managed to reach Dover on Tuesday.

Fishermen can be heard in the video as the boat comes ashore saying, “Let’s go. Madness.”

One added: “Not a cop in sight. Still no border force, still no coast guard.”

As the boat sailed up the coast to find space to land, the fisherman said he was clearly trying to “find the tea stall”.

“Good old Priti Patel with all her promises.”

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One of the men who filmed the clip told LBC: “We came across a dinghy with migrants on board. The skipper contacted Dover Coastguard to inform them.

“We then went to make sure they were all wearing life jackets.”

The boat followed the dinghy for approximately 40 minutes to ensure that it did not endanger itself.

The fisherman added that those on board “reached the shore and dispersed”.

“At no time did border forces, coastguards or police come to monitor [or] contain them.”

The footage comes after the government announced new plans to give the Ministry of Defense (MoD) command of the operation to prevent Channel crossings. No start date is confirmed, but the Navy is expected to take charge “within a few weeks.”

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The Royal Navy is said to have rejected the plans over fears for the safety of the migrants and that the measures could be illegal.

A Ministry of Defense spokesman told LBC this week: “An unacceptable number of people continue to cross the English Channel dangerously and the tragic deaths of last November are the starkest reminder of the need to stop them.

“The government is exploring all avenues to prevent further crossings and details of how this can be achieved will be communicated in due course.”

Labor has accused the Government of trying to ‘distract attention from the utter mess it finds itself in’ amid reports of Covid-breaking parties at Number 10.

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It was rumored last week that the Home Office was planning to send migrants to Ghana once they reach British waters, prompting the Ghanaian government to clarify that it had not been involved in any discussion with the United Kingdom on the subject.

It has also been suggested that sonic weapons could be used to roll boats back.

The decision to give the Ministry of Defense responsibility for Channel crossings has sparked widespread backlash, with critics saying it is ‘cruel and inhumane’.

A long-time Royal Navy veteran told LBC this week: “We wouldn’t let migrants drown in the sea.

“We wouldn’t storm migrant boats,” adding: “The Royal Navy is a compassionate service.”