The community of Dover, New Hampshire has been thrilled to open the Hong Asian Noodle Bar since we heard about it in December! Soup balls are up there in my ten favorite dishes and I was delighted to learn that I no longer had to venture into Chinatown in Boston to look for them! The Hong Asian Noodle Bar is where the Dover House of Pizza was located at 519 Central Ave. They have completely renovated the interior and it is unlike anywhere else in Dover. VERY COOL!

Hong Asian Noodle Bar via Facebook

They had a soft opening and offered a limited menu last Saturday. They are not yet complete and their hope was to gain experience little by little. Well, there was nothing sweet about that opening! Once we found out the Hong Asian Noodle Bar was open they were criticized with orders and I mean SLAMMED! They started to manage supplies and ingredients at a rapid pace.

About an hour later, they posted on their Facebook to let everyone know they were running out of food. The sheer number of orders was exciting but unexpected. They were 100% transparent and apologized for opening up without being fully prepared.

What I loved seeing was the kindness and grace of the Dover community in the comments section. People are happy to try this place, but the main theme of the comments was’ Take your time. Don’t be hard on yourself! No need to apologize! ”We love to see this.

We can all look forward to their new reopening date, June 1st. I can’t wait to put some soup dumplings in my stomach!

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