There are miles of queues in Colchester after a car got stuck at high tide on a notoriously flooded road.

The vehicle became stranded on Haven Road in Hythe at approximately 3:45 p.m. this afternoon.

Traffic queues up Clingoe Hill from the Wivenhoe towards Colchester and Hythe.

St Andrew Avenue is also blocked due to the incident.

A witness said: “Everything is blocked in the direction of this part of town.

“The problem occurs every time the Hythe gets flooded due to high tides.

“The crashed car obviously made things worse, but it’s such a regular occurrence.

“Anytime there is a high tide, you run the risk of it happening.”

Flood problems plagued Haven Road for years.


Last year the problem became so serious that a company, Velvis Cars, decided to move to West Bergholt.


Earlier this month, Ward Councilor Mike Lilley (Lab, Old Heath and Hythe) said he contacted senior Colchester Council and Environmental Protection officers about the matter.

A meeting was scheduled between the parties concerned to discuss the options.

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Essex County Council said at the time that it “welcomes and looks forward to further discussions with all parties concerned as we work together to identify a long-term solution”.

Anglian Water has said in the past that its assets are unrelated to the flooding, while the Environment Agency believes it is up to Anglian Water and Essex County Council to resolve it.

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