A task force meeting was held to tackle flooding in Colchester after heavy downpours caused even more chaos.

Colchester MP Will Quince set up Hythe Taskforce with the aim of finally tackling the ailing infrastructure in the eastern part of town and helping with its regeneration.

Since its inception in May, the group has consistently shone the spotlight on the persistent flooding in Haven Road, and it was back on the agenda after more bad weather hit north Essex at the end of last week.

This led Mr. Quince to convene the fifth meeting of the Hythe working group to deal with the last set of issues.

“I am aware that the flooding on Haven Road has been particularly troublesome due to the recent heavy rains, and it is in this context that I chaired the fifth meeting of the Hythe working group,” he said.

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“I understand the frustrations of many residents with this long-standing flood problem that dates back to at least 2011, but I have established this task force to bring the responsible parties together and start taking action.

“The right organizations are there and progress is being made.

“The Environment Agency has been busy performing on-site sample testing and they have provided us with a presentation of their findings, including their conclusions regarding the causes of the flooding and suggested solutions.

“We have also received the news that Essex Highways is motivated to work with us and organize a site visit.

“The next steps are to find more information about a manhole leak that has been discovered and the overflowing water levels at Distillery Pond, before we can conclude on the main causes of the Haven flooding. Road and what to do about it. ”

The task force was set up after a petition was launched, calling on councils and politicians to work together to resolve the flooding issues in Haven Road.

The road is overcome whenever heavy rains fall or when there is a high tide in the nearby river Colne.

Last year Velvis Cars left its Haven Road base and decided to move to West Bergholt in part because of the flooding.

The task force is also looking at issues such as the ruined wharf at Hythe Quay, on the trail between Hythe and Rowhedge, and the planned regeneration of the area.

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