A TERMINALLY ill woman desperately asks for help in finding her beloved four-legged friend who has been missing for over a month.

Diane Evans-Wood from Hythe is asking for help in locating her missing cat, Luna, who went missing on May 29.

Diane is terminally ill with rare ovarian cancer and has already undergone seven years of major cancer treatment, including major surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Just two weeks before Luna’s disappearance, Diane stopped her cancer treatment due to side effects and explained that there was “not much left” to treat the disease.

Diane said: “The entire Hythe and Waterside community supported the search for Luna when she disappeared, for which I would like to convey my sincere gratitude.

“I’m not good enough to do it all on my own because of the pain and fatigue I feel from cancer.”

Despite hundreds of leaflets and a thorough search by pet detectives, Luna has still not been found.

“Without Luna, I don’t think I would have found the mental strength to get up some mornings,” Diane said.

“She gave me purpose and stayed by my side through the darkest times.

“I have exhausted all treatment options now, so my ovarian cancer is terminal.

Daily Echo:

“After everything Luna has done for me, I owe it to her to do whatever I can to find her or find out what happened to her. She doesn’t deserve to end her life like this.

“I know cats can disappear for years, but I have no years to live and it breaks my heart never to know what happened.”

In addition to the heartache caused by Luna’s disappearance, Diane has also been the victim of hoax calls.

After including her cell phone number on fliers calling for help finding Luna, Diane got a call from a group of people who told her Luna was dead before laughing and hanging up.

If anyone has any information regarding Luna’s location, they are asked to call Animal Search UK on 08004320340.

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