PATNA: The Patna-based Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (IGIMS) took an important milestone on Friday by reaching the milestone of the century of the most difficult surgery on patients diagnosed with mucormycosis (black fungus) in various vital organs, including the brain in 25 days since May 18th.
IGIMS was designated as a dedicated Covid hospital in early May, but it quickly started receiving patients with mucormycosis in Covid and non-Covid conditions.
Remarkably, of the 103 surgeries performed by its 20-member team, there were no casualties.
IGIMS Director Dr NR Biswas and Medical Superintendent Dr Manish Mandal commended the team for their tireless service in the fight against black fungus, which is a rare disease that has emerged with severe variable during the second phase of the Covid pandemic.
Mandal said a total of 174 patients with mucormycosis have been admitted to IGIMS since May 18 and 103 of them have been successfully operated on while another 25 patients will soon be taken to operating tables. The surgeries performed included those by endoscopy, he said.
However, not everything came as routine surgery. “We had virtually no experience performing surgeries for mucormycosis affecting many vital organs at once. We organized many video training sessions watching complicated surgeries in hospitals in highly developed countries, then decided to form a separate mucor service and subsequently began our efforts to accept the new medical challenge, ”a said Dr Mandal.
Each patient coming to the IGIMS OPD was examined by experts in ENT, eye, maxillofacial and neurosurgery, after which the team assessed the stage of infection to follow by bringing them to the operating room ( TO).
Mandal said: “The biggest challenge for the team was surgery on a 72-year-old with hypertension, high blood sugar and thyroid problems. But they did it successfully, and the patient was released after the follow-up treatment.
He also appreciated the doctors at Nalanda Medical College and Hospital for partnering with the IGIMS team for over ten days to perform surgeries.
Dr Rakesh Kumar Singh, head of the ENT department, said the task began with clinical confirmation of areas infected with the deadly fungus indicating different stages. In the first stage, only ENT surgery was necessary while the second required ENT and ophthalmic specialists. According to him, in the third stage, doctors of maxillofacial surgery were also added to the ENT and eye team while the fourth included those of neutosurgery. Experts in anesthesia are essential members of mucor surgery teams.
Other doctors associated with the surgical team include Sarita Singh, Amit Sharma, Mahesh Kumar, MS Ali, Vidya Bhushan, Priyakar and Javed.

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