1. “Do you want to do anything but pray?”, Jacqueline Fernandez trolled for an article on the crisis in Sri Lanka


While some supported her, there were others trolling Jacqueline Fernandez asking him to contribute, donate and do more than just pray while sitting in India. Here is what they wrote in the comments section.

2. Walking hand in hand, Hrithik Roshan-Saba Azad and Sussanne Khan-Arslan Goni formalize their relationship

After months of speculation, it
India time

Hrithik Roshan and Saba Azad made their first public appearance together at the airport last night. Saba was apparently blushing and Hrithik walked over holding her hand.

3. Despite Kickass’ debut at 30 and a plethora of strong roles, Shreyas Talpade is still underutilized

Shreyas Talpade was backstabbed by his own friends in the industry and thought about quitting Bollywood.

“I found out that there are certain actors who aren’t sure about sharing screen space with me and don’t want me in a movie. I’ve done certain movies for friends keeping their interests in mind, but I was stabbed by the same friends. Then there are friends who go ahead and make movies without including me, which makes you wonder if they are even friends at all.

4. “Saw Bodies Geled Due to Be Burned”, Ram Charan shares that RRR’s “Naatu Naatu” was shot in Kyiv

Jr NTR and Ram Charan shot RRR

Ram Charan recently revealed that he was in contact with Rusty, who was in charge of his security there. The situation, he says, is getting worse day by day. Rusty continues to send him videos that upset him. “He burst into tears and he said the situation was bad.”

5. Are you ready? Game Director Squid Says His Next Movie Will Be More Violent Than Netflix Show

Hwang Dong-hyuk, who directed Squid Game, said his upcoming film Killing Old People Club will be more violent than the Netflix series.

He says it will be another “controversial project” and “will be more violent than Squid Game”. Without revealing much about the film, he only said that it was inspired by a novel written by Umberto Eco, the late Italian author and philosopher. The film is tentatively titled KO Club.