More than 1,000 years in prison have been handed down to violent burglars and thieves armed with knives in two years thanks to a Kent Police team.

Since its launch in February 2019, the Police Chief’s Criminal Squad has incarcerated offenders for a total of 1,041 years, in addition to making 692 arrests and being authorized to issue 2,066 charges. .

Over 1,000 years of sentences have been handed down. Image bank

Just last month, their investigations led to prison terms of 67 years and nine months.

Twenty-three arrests were also made, with 71 charges authorized.

Kent Police Detective Superintendent Mike Worrall said, “Month after month, my officers are delivering exceptional and meaningful results that bring justice to victims and protect the public from further harm.

“Guaranteeing 1,000 years in prison, in less than two and a half years, testifies to their expertise.

“Much of those imprisoned have shown a propensity to carry weapons and commit serious assaults against innocent victims, often to steal valuable and hard-earned property.

Violent burglars are among those arrested.  Image bank
Violent burglars are among those arrested. Image bank

“We have no tolerance for such breaches and will always adopt the most robust, but proportionate, course of action available.

“This includes obtaining warrants and entering the homes of offenders to detain them and ensure they are held to account.”

Among those jailed in June, three men broke into a house in Gillingham and threatened to stab its occupants before stealing money and a branded watch.

They will serve a combined total of 27 years.

Elsewhere in Medway, two brothers who stole more than £ 10,000 from a game room in Chatham were jailed for 14 years and nine months between them.

“We will always take the strongest, but most proportionate course of action available …”

The two men brandished a knife and threatened staff members.

A man and woman involved in a store robbery in Folkestone, which saw an employee threatened with a seven-inch bread knife, have also been jailed for a total of over nine and a half years.

And a hooded thief who grabbed a Ramsgate store worker by the throat and threatened her with a knife before stealing money and cigarettes has been jailed for eight years.

In addition to those imprisoned, many other suspects have been remanded in custody in anticipation of future legal proceedings.

Among them is a man from Ilford who allegedly traveled to Kent and burgled stores in Rochester, Gillingham, Gravesend, Sittingbourne, Tonbridge, Greenhithe and Aylesford.

Twenty-three arrests were made in June, with 71 charges authorized.  Image bank
Twenty-three arrests were made in June, with 71 charges authorized. Image bank

He has been remanded in custody and will then appear at Maidstone Crown Court in mid-July.

The team also charged two Ashford men with conspiracy to supply heroin and crack cocaine after a vehicle was stopped across the Sussex border at Winchelsea.

They were remanded in custody to appear in Canterbury Crown Court later this month.

A man from Sheppey has also been remanded into custody after being charged with conspiracy to rob occupants of houses in Sheerness.

He is the third person to receive such an execution measure for the case, with two Deptford men indicted the previous month.

The three men will then appear at Maidstone Crown Court on a date to be determined.

Superintendent Worrall added: “As we look into the coming month, we already have several officers lined up to testify in court to ensure that other offenders who present prejudice to the public receive appropriate penalties.

“We will continue to make the county a difficult place for criminals to operate and anyone who aspires to commit similar offenses can rest assured that there is a very high probability of being caught.”

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